Charge Cable Fault

Charge Cable Fault

I periodically am receiving this message. I also noted that in the recent past that the car is defaulting to a 5 amp charge rate. I have a 40 amp connection. I then manually adjust the rate to 40 amp and charge starts. However during the cycle (it seems to appear as the charge is nearing completion) the message appears and charging stops.

Thoughts please!


David Trushin | 03. juli 2013

Did you call the service center and ask them?

stimeygee | 03. juli 2013

I've had the exact same problem on a 120 volt, 12 amp plug. The local service center lent me a new cable, same thing. By process of elimination they think its a problem in the power in - that its an old building and power dips (ie when ACs go on) cause interruption to the car. Who's to say if that's right. But last night instead of trying to charge at 12 amps I dialed it down to 8, and the connection now seems rock solid. We'll see if if lasts. But you might try turning down the amperage, see if that changes anything.

Or maybe you have a bad cable, or something else. I'm still trying to figure out my situation.

bbryant | 03. juli 2013

I had a cable failure recently that prevented a proper charge.
Seattle service center was aware of one other of the same case.
Try this : detach the 14 50 adapter and look at the pins on the cable side. If there is a substance at the base of the pin tan or yellowish that is leaking out of the base and an acrid smell like electrical overheating then you will probably need to get the cable replaced.

My vin is 3853. I noticed the new cable Seattle gave me has the silver trim on the end that connects to the car, the one that came with the car was all black so I suspect there was an upgrade to the cable at some point after my car was delivered.

Your SC guys can surely diagnose the problem. Hope this helps.

herkimer | 03. juli 2013

Be sure also that your charging cable is fully inserted into the charge port. I was having these messages and only 5 amps. Read about this problem and pushed the cable in a little harder until it clicked, then it resumed 40 amp charging.

Also had a similar problem the first days I had the car. Turned out there was a problem with the ground service in my garage. Electrician installed a new ground for the whole panel, and the problem was resolved.

David70 | 03. juli 2013

I discovered a similar problem last night. I started charging from the car, but didn't pay much attention. I went into the house and checked the charging from the iPhone app. It showed it charging at only 16A. Stopped and restated the charging several times with no improvement. Finally went out to the car and repeated the process, with no improvement. I finally noticed a message on the dash that the charging cable wasn't fully inserted. The only think I can add to imherkimer's comment is that when I went out to try pushing in the cable, the indicator light on the charge port was flashing a pale (sort of) chartreuse color rather than it usual brighter green. Pushing the cable in harder brought everything back to normal. In my case that's 40A.

Julian | 03. juli 2013

I just had the same problem. The 14-50 adapter (the part that plugs into the wall) had overheated. They replaced the entire cable and adapter. One of the first things I questioned when I picked up my car was how they could run 40 Amps at 240V through the tiny pins in that adapter.

I'm not sure they can.

Kit-60kWh now 85D | 26. juli 2013

I have the charge cable error message. And the yellow melted goo. I guess I fried it on my first real road trip, Range charging in Centralia going to Portland Tuesday and again coming home yesterday. Too bad I didn't notice during Seattle Service Center hours. No joy rides for me this weekend.

David70 | 26. juli 2013

It turns out that the charge cable fault that I got (only with the 120V circuit) was due to a floating ground. Once I established a good ground connect, charging on 120V proceeded normally.
The only circuit in the house that had this problem was that in my garage.

hordon | 01. januar 2015

The cable light blinked red 4 times. This indicated I have a faulty ground.

paul | 26. desember 2015

I just had this charging in europe. Seems that only one side of the round pin plug earth was connected. Plug it in the other way around and you might get a green light, otherwise try a different plug until you find one that's been wired up properly!