Charging at Apartments

Charging at Apartments

There could've been a topic on this already. I was not able to find it. Here it goes anyway,

Guys staying in apartments, how are charging your car? Did the management install a power socket for you?

teslaver | 28. januar 2013

In MA, I inquired about it for myself & was told by a friendly Tesla Rep at the store that Apartment Complex should be able to get huge tax benefits and would be willing to install charging port without additional cost to tenant.

Never verified.. but sounded pretty promising.

P14884 | 28. januar 2013

That should get my apartment management started! Great! Thanks.

Brian H | 28. januar 2013

Very few seem to be willing.

tesla-ss | 28. januar 2013

They plan to install it. There are a few other Leaf owners in our complex so the demand is growing.

TeslaLABlue | 28. januar 2013

California has Senate Bill 209.

Basically requires apartment's and HOA's to allow installation at the EV owners expense, as long as the installation is to code and meets the aesthetic requirements of the community. Also requires a 1 million liability umbrella ins policy to be held by the EV owner to cover accidents related to the charging station.

prash.saka | 28. januar 2013

@teslaver, are you sure? May be I too should call Tesla and find out whether this is true (We live in Brookline).

~ Prash.

Sudre_ | 28. januar 2013

It's probably going to have to be a law sooner or later. I have a friend that owns several apartment complexes and even tho he loves the idea of electric cars he said he would never install a charger or outlet until forced to. Extra maintenance plus the cost of separate metering so he could back charge the tenant for what he used. He would also then have the hassle of dealing with other tenants parking in the electric car spot.
I mentioned calling one of the charge network places and he still did not want to deal with the hassle of constantly getting calls about someone parked in the wrong spot or the charger being broke or how to use the charger.

teslaver | 29. januar 2013

@prash.saka, as I said, never verified mainly since my plans had to change. Now just have to wait until its available in my country.

I had thought of many back-ups though.. incase the above would not have worked:
1) Run a long cable from my apartment which was on 2nd floor so was definitely one of the dumbest idea, but I was willing to go for it
2) Plug into one of the sockets on the side of the apartment building
3) Charge only while @ work
4) Move into a house

meloccom | 29. januar 2013

Long story short, it took me 2 years of negotiation with my HOA and Aus$3,500 to get a dedicated circuit for my garage space in my apartment complex. So no 21" wheels for me:-(
It's never too early to start the process, so if you live in an apartment and are contemplating any EV start the process now.

dsmith2189 | 03. februar 2013

I live in HI in a new condo building and after a year of "negotiations" with the HOA board they just approved their EV vehicle policy. Now with the Hawaii law and the Condo Policy in place I can have Solar City do the installation for me.

HI Act 186 HRS 196-7.5 (2010)
This act, codified into statute that:
• No person shall be prevented from installing an electric vehicle charging sys-tem on or near the parking stall of any multi-family residential dwelling or townhouse that the person owns.
• Every private entity may adopt rules that reasonably restrict the placement and use of electric vehicle charging systems for the purpose of charging electrical vehicles in the parking stalls of any multi-family residential dwelling or town-house; provided that those restrictions shall not prohibit the placement or use of electric vehicle charging systems altogether. No private entity shall assess or charge any homeowner any fees for the placement of any electric vehicle charging system; provided that the private entity may require reimbursement for the cost of electricity used by such electric vehicle charging system.
• Under certain provisions, any person may place an electric vehicle charging system on or near the parking stall of any multi-family residential dwelling or townhouse unit owned by that person.
• If an electric vehicle charging system is placed on a common element or lim-ited common element: (1) The owner and each successive owner of the park-ing stall on which or near where the system is placed shall be responsible for any costs for damages to the system, common elements, limited common ele-ments, and any adjacent units, arising or resulting from the installation, maintenance, repair, removal, or replacement of the system. The repair, maintenance, removal, and replacement responsibilities shall be assumed by each successive owner until the electric vehicle charging system has been re-moved from the common elements or limited common elements. The owner and each successive owner shall at all times have and maintain a policy of in-surance covering the obligations of the owner under this paragraph and shall name the private entity as an additional insured under the policy; and (2) The owner and any successive owner of the parking stall on which or near where the system is placed shall be responsible for removing the electric vehicle charging system if reasonably necessary or convenient for the repair, mainte-nance, or replacement of the common elements or limited common elements.