Charging stations coming to Ontario, Canada.

Charging stations coming to Ontario, Canada.

According to MTO (ministry of transport Ontario), the new service centers on HWY 400 & 401 will have EV charging stations in the future. When, they did not say, however the electrical infrastructure (conduit) have been installed at all the rest areas. There will be signs stating "future home of EV charging". There will be 23 rest areas from the Quebec/Ontario border to Windsor, Ontario on HWY 401 and north of Toronto on HWY 400.

clea | 03. januar 2012

nice !!! was this info published somewhere?

stephen.kamichik | 03. januar 2012

No. I sent an email to MTO about a month ago. This is part of my research into deciding which battery pack to get.

Robert.Boston | 04. januar 2012

Nice -- that means Toronto-Montreal is entirely workable as a drive (340 miles total; just need to pick up some charge along the way).

clea | 04. januar 2012

exactly ... and hopefully some of those rest areas will have Tesla superchargers to make the trip that much shorter.

Douglas3 | 05. januar 2012

Future? I could really use that NOW, for my Roadster...

stephen.kamichik | 06. januar 2012

The public charging stations will be installed faster if we write to our politians and if we buy a lot of EVs. We owners of EVs are TM salesman (without compensation of course).

Muskoka | 06. januar 2012

This is a great first step! I'd also like to see some hotels in key cities and even smaller hotels in cottage and ski country (say, the Westin for example at the base of Blue Mountain in Collingwood) plan for supercharging station installations. This will become reality if enough Canadians buy Tesla vehicles, and assuming they drive for vacations. However, I think the majority of Tesla sales are going to be commuter vehicles initially - but it will be fun to see how the market develops!

Robert.Boston | 06. januar 2012

Write to establishments -- like that Westin -- and make clear that your decision about whether to buy their services is linked to recharge your EV once you arrive. It's the only way that businesses will realize that there is an actual, tangible demand for this amenity.

Brian H | 06. januar 2012

Yeah, it's not even negotiable. You MUST be able to recharge. IMO, for a hotel/motel the cost is minor, much less than, say, a periodic redecoration of a few rooms. Stupid not to accommodate the request.

Robert.Boston | 06. januar 2012

It helps when competitors move first; one hotel in New Haven CT (the Omni) has an EVSE in its garage, so I'm pushing to get the better hotel (the Study at Yale) to match it.

Douglas3 | 06. januar 2012

@Muskoka, if you're staying overnight you don't need a supercharger; all you need is an HPC, J1772, or NEMA 14-50. Superchargers would best be deployed at the 400-series highway rest stops.

Muskoka | 22. januar 2012

True Douglas3 - but I was thinking that charging might be offered as part of a hotel valet service... the hotel rotates EVs through charging rather than leaving them unattended where cords etc. can get stolen. In general, I'm not a fan of valet services (unless I'm driving a rental), but the type of service (ideally certified and/or rated in some fashion) I can envision paying for would be a step above basic valet. Most hotels don't have many plugs in the underground, so upgrades are going to be needed in any event - maybe security cameras at the same time ;)

Douglas3 | 23. januar 2012

Yeah, I hate valet parking too. I've yet to let a valet park my Roadster.

The last time I was at a hotel that required valet parking, I took the tack of trying to negotiate a power plug. In the end they told me if I paid for valet parking they'd let me use one of their valet spots at the front door - they had power outlets! Great deal; I paid the fee and gave the fellow a tip, but I parked it!

The next morning the valet staff told me it was very entertaining watching dozens of hotel guests photograph the car.

Anyway, I do hope they get chargers on the 401 soon... I could use them right now!

npodriscoll | 22. februar 2013

Standard charging stations on the highway seem much less useful than charging stations at hotels. At typical 240V/30A charging station is going to give you only 20 miles of range per hour of charge. Useful for commuting in town, maybe, but not useful on a road trip. Hence the need for Supercharger stations, or overnight charging at your hotel.

shop | 22. februar 2013

I agree. Unless the highway chargers are superchargers, then it isn't going to be very useful. Much more useful,if the politicians want to do something is to mandate some kind of charging ability at hotels. I usually hate private sector mandates, but this is one I might even endorse.

EJH | 22. februar 2013

Hello to all,
Tesla is building a Supercharger station on the 401 in the Kingston area as we speak, and it should be ready in the next few months.
This information was given to me by two of the specialists at the Toronto store last week and you can call them at 416-787-8006 if you need more info.

carl | 15. juli 2013

I drove up to lake muskoka from Toronto(beaches) this past weekend. Drove 130km the whole way and still loads if battery left. I hit Barrie with 310kms of range remaining. I charged up on a rgaular wall socket over night and drove back the next morning. These cars are amazing!!!

ghillair | 15. juli 2013

Superchargers cost >$100,000 while J1772 90amp are <$10,000. A hotel can install 10 J1772 charger for less than a supercharger. Plug the cars in and leave them parked overnight. No risk of damage while shuffling cars in and out of a supercharger.

See Tesla supercharger map, it shows three Ontario SCs opening fall 2013. Looks like Detroit to Toronto, Kingston and Kingston to Montreal.

Jewsh | 15. juli 2013


"I drove up to lake muskoka from Toronto(beaches) this past weekend"

I drove from SW Mississauga to Midland/Penetangeushene and had 270km left on the dial. I drove maybe 10km/h over the limit (don't want a ticket) and it was fine. I charged on a 12A/120v outlet without issue.

This last weekend I drove from Yorkdale (charged at the Tesla store -- thanks guys!) and hit Owen Sound with tons of mileage left. When I got there I installed my usual 6-50 plug and life was good.

Gradually these trips are getting easier as the infrastructure gets rolled out. The Ontario government (although ridiculous as always) at least got the EV rebate and EV charging infrastructure right.