Choosing Options.

Choosing Options.

One thing I hate about buying a new car is not getting to choose exactly which options I want. Instead they are grouped into categories so many times you end up paying for options you don't want just to get the ones you do, or you end up forgoing things you'd like because the cost is too high due to additional mandatory upgrades. Throw in the color and it's almost impossible to get a car just the way you want it.

Since Tesla is always rethinking the customer experience, and cutting out dealerships entirely, I wonder if they could just forget the whole "trim level" nonsense and make it so the customer can choose exactly what they want in the car, color and all. Perhaps the customer could give them the choices which could be relayed to the factory. I'm sure there are logistical challenges, but if it could be done I think it would make a great customer experience.

Maestrokneer | 14. februar 2011

I second that.

Tim10 | 14. februar 2011

If they stay even slightly close to the roadster purchase process you'll get everything you desire

William13 | 15. februar 2011

Currently it is more economical to make trim packages than total customization. The theory of the" tyranny of choice" states that people are actually less satisfied after choosing one item from one hundred than when choosing one item from three or four. The most likely explanation is that people are more sure of the superiority of their choice in the later case. You are correct however that prior to purchase people look for more choices. The superior satisfaction of fewer choices comes after the purchase.

jfeister | 16. februar 2011

William, I can understand why a company can increase profits using trim packages, but I'm not sure your theory of "tyranny of choice" as it applies to this.

One could argue that you aren't choosing one thing out of many, like an entree from a menu, but are choosing whether to have something or not; ie "do you want leather?" yes or no, one choice. "Do you want bluetooth?" yes or no, one choice. You get the idea.

I would also argue that the current method is more complicated for the customer, because you need to understand which options are in each trim level, compare them, look at price difference, weigh the trade offs etc. In my experience even the salesperson can't keep track of which options are in which level because it's so confusing and changes year by year.

Kallisman | 16. februar 2011

Why not give the customer a choice of either buying a ready made package, or have the full list of separate options to choose from? Ppl are different. Some like to go into detail, while others prefer to trust someone else to make most of the choices.Of course, some features might be dependent on one another, like for electronics u can have one box to control several different features. If u only want one, u would still have to pay for the box. Doesn't make much sense to only get one of the things u pay for then. Each feature would be much more expensive if they were made separately.To make things easier for the customer, they can make a configurator online where u tell what u want, and the program will tell u what package will be best for u. And preferably what is the price. It will also tell u if something u choose is dependent on something else. Then u can play around a bit to find your preferred setup before u go to the shop, or maybe even submit it directly to Teslas database. (Good for logistics to get early indication)

Maestrokneer | 16. februar 2011

Particularly for reservation holders, it doesn't seem like it would be that challenging for Tesla to allow us to customize our options. We're ordering before the car is built anyway. So they don't have to worry about unused inventory, etc.

I would be very dissapointed if I was forced to choose (and pay for) standard trim options.

msiano17 | 16. februar 2011

I think Tesla will take after the German car companies who are having cars custom built more instead of the pre-manufactured blandness in their build (we see this with Ford Mustangs and the like)

Most American made cars, you can walk into a dealership and walk out with a car that, for the most part, will fit you wants and likes but is still probably missing some feature you would have liked. But then again you are only spending $20-30k on a new American car. The Model S is a luxury sedan competing against the German markets, so as a business strategy they will most likely market the builds more specific to the owner instead of bulk package deals and plop them off the line.

In fact, I would not be surprised if each car is almost custom built from the start for each individual owner ... the reservation list growing daily is proof enough people are excited about the car and most definitely wiling to wait for exactly what they want

imhsar | 16. februar 2011

Nobody is forcing you, it is always your choice you have to compromise somewhere, it is not necessary that it will in clude your all requirements.

msiano17 | 17. februar 2011


I am assuming your post was a rebuttal to mine. I was not saying it has to be a must that I receive my car custom built to exact specifications. I just said I would not be surprised if that may be the way Tesla does it since they have so many reservations showing that people are willing to wait for a car that they want.

Honestly, I reserved my Tesla because of the options it will have on top of the fact that it is an EV, if they package up options together makes no difference to me I'll be getting the package then.

You are right though in that compromises will need to be made most likely regardless.