Color combination opinions and purchases - POLL

Color combination opinions and purchases - POLL

Another agonizing decision...finalizing my color combinations and in the final running are black, white, and silver paint with the black leather. Does anyone have a black on black and if so, does it look too dark and get hot in the sun? But I'm interested to hear what others have chosen for color combos and if they have any regrets. I heard that the tan doesn't wear very well.

wolfpet | 05. august 2013

Mine will be black on black. It's cheaper (energy-wise) to cool it down during the summer than warm it up at winter time here in Canada. And I also like the look, especially the fact that nose cone will blend with the rest of the car.

mortgagebruce | 05. august 2013

I've got black on black and thought it looked great until I had Opti-Coat Pro done and now I can't believe how it looks. The shine and reflection are mirror-like now. Heat is not a problem either with the Photosync tint even on 90+ degree days sitting in the hot sun all day with the pano roof.

I am 3146 | 05. august 2013

I have black and tan and have over 11,000 miles on my car...tan leather has not shown any sign of wear!

Bennett R. | 05. august 2013

I would take blue over black, and grey over silver, but that's just me.

emoflash | 05. august 2013

Blue car with tan interior with one he matte finish. Love it! I looked at the black but didn't feel it accentuated the dash enough.

JaneW | 06. august 2013

Tesla pearl white is shown as first among top ten car colors in the U>S>

justineet | 06. august 2013

Gsoman.....if u don't mind the attention grabbing nature of the red, I would get the red with pano roof and tan interior leather. Add ur favorite wheels on it and ur set dude.........

Dwdnjck@ca | 06. august 2013

Red, red roof, tan seats

justineet | 06. august 2013

naaa the red with the pano roof looks me.......

KennyB@US-FL | 06. august 2013

Initially I wanted Signature Red/Grey Leather. I love the richness of that color. Not realizing they had changed the red until I went for my test drive 3 weeks ago I wound up designing my S in Silver/Grey. This was strike 1 for TM for me. After a week and seeing the Silver at the Port St. Lucie supercharger opening I changed my mind and went with the new Red/Grey. Didn't love the Silver enough to stick with it.

Out of your three color choices, I'd go with the White, then Silver, then Black. I've had two black cars over the years and it only looks good when cleaned and waxed. But, in the end, the decision is yours!


TheAustin | 06. august 2013

I've never liked black-on-black...Not only is it unoriginal and uninteresting, it's harsh and certainly will be hotter than any other choice.
If you're Batman (or James Hetfield), go for it. But for the average person, there are many better combinations.
Personally, I went with the blue exterior and the grey interior (with matte Obeche), and I love it, 7 months later...All of the colors/finishes compliment each other beautifully. I think the grey exterior is by far the most beautiful color, but I didn't like any of the interior options aside from the grey, and I just couldn't bring myself to get a grey car in and out...So I went with blue/grey, and I don't regret it for a second.

howardb33 | 06. august 2013

I got red outside with black inside with that great red stripe on the seat

and silver wheels 21 inches and pano roof (p85+)

no regrets!!


justineet | 06. august 2013 and grey go together very well....that's great choice.........the experts in the decorating business would tell u the same thing...........

ATX | 06. august 2013

I agonized for weeks and then in a last minute turn of events, changed from brown with chrome wheels to black with on grey wheels and tan interior. I think its going to be stunning and plan on installing some form of paint protection to protect the black and keep the swirls at bay. Sept. 9th, please hurry and get here so that I can finally get some decent rest!

NomoDinos | 06. august 2013

My last car was a black on black BMW 5-series. I hadn't chosen the colors (I needed it that day, and that's what they had), but it grew on me. A bit gangsta' for my taste, especially with the light tint. Looked great a night when clean, though. Temperature wasn't a problem (I'm in LA) after the tint. With the Model S, you'll be able to start your air conditioning well before you get to your car, also.

Between the choices you mentioned, I'd say the silver. The white looks really nice, but it and the black are the hardest to keep looking good (if you have it cleaned weekly, don't worry about it).

I'm going with blue and performance black. I wish they had a cream-colored interior to go with the blue, that would be ideal for me. You really can't go wrong, though.

GsooMon3y | 07. august 2013

Thanks for the input everyone. The wife and I checked out the service center in Torrance and saw quite a few cars. We decided to rock the white with tan. The pearl didn't seem that different in the sun. The total black interior seemed a little dark and after riding around in the silver on black BMW this afternoon with the sunroof open in the LA sun, I'm convinced tan is the way to go. So, the garage is going to sport black MDX and white S.

Interesting note - the service guy told me Spielberg's S is the grey P85+ with 21" grey wheels. That setup looks sic.

carlk | 07. august 2013

Spielberg must just got his MS since P+ was released not too long ago.

Chunky Jr. | 07. august 2013

green/tan/pano roof/piano black trim/19" wheels/no spoiler