Color Combo

Color Combo

Anybody have the metallic brown with grey interior? Thoughts.

SamO | 03. juli 2013

vomit. that's is my only thought.

the two WORST colors combined together in one awful concatenation.

Carefree | 03. juli 2013

Well, at least you don't need to strain your brain to figure out what Samo Sam really meant when he posted his response:-)

I would also stay away from that particular color combo. Why not go with the tan interior instead. It complements the brown much better and the head liner is tan as well - perfect fit. My 2nd choice would be black interior.

herkimer | 03. juli 2013

Sorry Samo, have to take issue with your extremism here.
Go vomit in private, really.

First, the brown car pushes toward copper and is not "mud brown"
Also the grey is not strikingly grey, it is more like a creamy off white, almost a tan without yellow, a very soft grey. It combines very nicely with the black carpet and dash, and with any of the trims, lacewood, piano, or obeche.

I saw the brown with grey interior together and thought it was actually a pretty classy look.

Don't be afraid of it just because some "fashion rules" say no grey with brown. There are tonalities which vary and there are no "one size fits all" rules, IMHO.

If you like it go for it. If it doesn't please you choose what will. You can't go wrong. The car is for you, after all.