Confirmed Today, the tension begins...

Confirmed Today, the tension begins...

Confirmed Grey S85 today after final reconfiguration.

The psychosis has set in as predicted. It's been a crazy week.

Test drive Monday… was blown away.
Visited Service Center on Tuesday and confirmed Grey color on real cars and was ables to see car with my interior choice which was great.
Confirmed financing Wed (incredible how easy it was to get low cost money).

I don't know how i'm going to handle the waiting.

negarholger | 12. september 2013

Congrats - grey is my color too. Waiting is the easy part.

bradslee | 12. september 2013

Congrats and welcome to the club.

Waiting is easy but Tesla psychosis will be contagious and soon you will be infected, I am sure. | 12. september 2013


Was really glad every color car but brown was parked outside at the service center in Rockville. Had a chance to see them together and was very happy with my choice.

Very surprised at the difference in an 'older' grey versus all of the newer models.

sunnyms85 | 13. september 2013

Hey gary what is the expected delivery date on yours. I got an ms85 and its says october, I placed the order in the end of August and hit confirm and the finalization button.

akikiki | 14. september 2013

We call it Teslanxiety.