Controlling vehicle performance settings with dashboard touchscreen

Controlling vehicle performance settings with dashboard touchscreen

Will it be possible to controll vehicle perfomance settings, such as suspension stiffness, gas pedal sensitivity etc. using the dashboard touchscreen?

Vawlkus | 08. februar 2011

Why on earth would you need too?

While I suppose you could adjust the sensitivity of the accelerator, most other settings would more than likely not be available.

I do believe the current plan is to give the Model S different modes (Standard, Performance, Economy/Range), but past that I seriously doubt there will will be the kind of "tweaking" you're after.

BYT | 08. februar 2011

I see myself in Performance mode most of the time (I have short runs here and there) :)

Douglas3 | 08. februar 2011

Given the modest difference between performance and standard (roughly 0.2 seconds 0-60 in the Roadster), I'd recommend leaving it in standard to optimize battery life.

BYT | 09. februar 2011

It's a mental thing, I wonder if the Model S as a sedan will have a greater discrepancy between Performance and Standard modes?

william | 14. februar 2011

Well thank you for great replies @Vawlkus and @BYT!!! At least i was not the one in the forum that suggested having a specially designed trailer for an extra battery pack...

Anyway haha, i see your points... but i actually meant different performance modes. So should have stated that more clearly in my question. Such as comfort or sport mode for the suspension and eco, standard or sport for the gas pedal sensitivity. But also, there could be a possibility, such as @Vawlkus mentioned, that they would all be integrated into two modes...