Creek Crossings

Creek Crossings

i plan on taking my S85 camping. i wonder whether there are limitations regarding driving through water as i will need to cross a creek that is 6" to 12" deep. most ICEs, including little hondas, don't have any trouble crossing the creek but i am uncertain about the S.
any experience?


jat | 18. april 2013

Wow, I wouldn't drive any non-offroad car through more than 4" of water. Even that much was enough for the pressure of the flow on the tires to move the car perceptibly.

At 12", you will be getting water in the vehicle as it will be above the doors, and it will start to lift the car as well.

kilimats | 18. april 2013

this is a limitation of the Model S, and this is where you need to have a secondary ICE car imo

fluxemag | 18. april 2013

My limit would certainly be lower than the floor of the vehicle. 6-12" sounds like too much for any car that you care about.

cloroxbb | 18. april 2013


isn't that a limitation of just about every sedan? Not just a Tesla...

Pungoteague_Dave | 18. april 2013

I drove mine through the water crossing in Rock Creek Park in DC just north of Military on Beach Drive, about 5 inches of water, no issue. Did it just for fun. I figure if they can have a road in the nation's capital with an intentional water ford, we should take the Model S across on principal...

Brian H | 18. april 2013

Would putting the suspension on "High" be enough?