Crowd-sourcing the road trip

Crowd-sourcing the road trip

Hi guys, i'm not a Tesla owner, but very enthusiastic about the companies future from an environmental standpoint and from a technological standpoint. I had an idea and I'm not sure if any forum has talked about it so if you've heard it then please just refer my to that post. As you may have read from the subject line it involves road trips and maximizing the efficiency of every Tesla vehicle.

So, if you're like me and have done some Tesla research, you inevitably come across an article about someone who has gone from LA to Vegas on one charge. My thinking is, "If one Tesla can do it, then every Tesla can do it". Within reason of course. So, my idea is for a function in the app or vehicle that captures the driving style that got that person from LA to Vegas on one charge. This information is then uploaded to a database. Every Tesla could then have access to that "drive style" and can program their Tesla to mimic that style if they are making the same trip. Anyone can create a "drive style" to upload to the database of any route they deem valuable. After a while we could have a database full of "drive styles" that can get you from point A to point B at a known efficiency rating. Even more ambitious would be to create an algorithm to sift through all the "drive styles" to create the best combination for the most efficient "style".

Things to consider: traffic conditions and passenger loads when creating you "drive style".

So what do you think Tesla community, has this, is this, should this be done? I'm sure the community talking about it would get it started if it's not already underway. Or maybe it's just a bad idea, what do you think?


Brian H | 06. februar 2013

Neat idea. Assumes a certain amount of embedded intelligence in the car to "guide" the process. And there are of course different battery sizes, and different loading, and different weather conditions to consider.

Vawlkus | 06. februar 2013

Terrain could be an issue there, as well as weather conditions.

Lotta variables to run with. Could be do-able.

oarzu | 07. februar 2013

BrianH: All you would need is variable cruise control. Although i don't know how hard that would be, but it doesn't sound difficult (coming from system/software engineer).

Vawlkus: Terrain isn't a variable once the route is in the database. The terrain of any particular route is going to be the same. All the system does is calculate the best "drive style" for your particular route given that the route is in the database.

That's why crowd sourcing makes sense, get as many uploaded "drive styles" as possible and you start to have a network of routes. Once you have the data points all you'll need is for something to examine.

ghillair | 07. februar 2013

If the original driver did it on a day when it was calm and 65 degrees with not heat or AC and you are now doing it on a day when it is 20 degrees running the heater and into a 25 mph headwind your energy use will be 25 to 50% higher. I don't think all the data will be available.

Driving into a 25 mph head wind at 55 mph is the same resistance as driving 80 on a calm day.

Sudre_ | 07. februar 2013

It seems you could adjust the heating and cooling to match since the app does this already. Might get a little hot or cold tho.

Vawlkus | 07. februar 2013

One word: construction :)

oarzu | 11. februar 2013

You have to assume that if the conditions you're driving in are not at least close to nominal then you're not going to get the expected results. But it still adds to the collection of useful data points.