Customizable Instrument Cluster

Customizable Instrument Cluster

I hope the instrument cluster screen is customizable like the center console supposedly will be. For some reason Tesla seems focused on having an additional needle, either RPM's or current flow, both of which seem unnecessary to me. Maybe some people want this info, but I'd rather just see speed and be done with it.

Also, since I'm a bit taller, the steering wheel invariably gets in the way of the speedometer for me. It would be nice to be able to adjust the position of the indicator for different drivers. It's a screen so why not? It could also be toggled between analog and digital displays, depending on the driver's preference. Not sure if this is already in the works but if not I think it should be.

Ad van der Meer | 31. januar 2011

I can imagine Tesla does not want clients to mess with the cluster themselves, but I could imagine they offer several different fixed settings that can be changed while the car is not moving.