Cycle Wall Power

Cycle Wall Power

Just picked up my model S last week. Was charging fine. Today when I plugged it in to my NEMA 14-50 I received error message "Cycle Wall Power" I tried some 110 outlets and got the same error message. Anybody have a similar experience and/or recommendations? Not sure if it is my electric, my charging cord, or the automobile. Thanks.

JoeBadge | 02. april 2013

Had similar issue. Discovered my newly installed 14-50 was not grounded. Charger was solid red. What color is the hub/base thing? Electrician grounded outlet and no issues.

welockett | 02. april 2013

I had a similar problem with my mobile connector the first few weeks. Had the local service center check it out and they could find no problems. When I would get the error, I would unplug the mobile connector from the outlet, wait 5-10 minutes, then plug it back in. Then connect to the car and everything worked fine. After doing this on a few times, I have not had any additional issues. It might just be a "break-in" issue with the mobile connector.

noel.smyth | 02. april 2013

I had the same experience as welockett in first two weeks, no issues for last two months now.

arieljoshua | 02. april 2013

I think it is the UMC. I took it to a couple of charge stations and it charged fine. I plugged my UMC into various cords at my house and work (using the 110 adapter) and got the same slow flashing red light on the indicator. Nothing improved it. Tried reset etc.

I have a call into Tesla and they said the San Rafael service will contact me. Has anyone had an issue where they had to get a new UMC delivered? How long did it take? Thanks for the help.

Brian H | 03. april 2013

Many UMC replacements.

arieljoshua | 03. april 2013

They are sending me a new UMC via FedEx. I am optimistic that will solve the problem. San Rafael service center did not call me, but when I called this afternoon, they were very helpful. So far, other than this charging issue, I have been pleased with the product and the service as a new Model S owner.