Daily driver in stop and go traffic

Daily driver in stop and go traffic

Was hoping for some feedback from those with their car - I'm planning on using mine as my daily driver and I routinely sit in about 30 minutes of bumper-to-bumber stop and go traffic every day. How is it to drive in those conditions? I've seen some complaints that it's a little jerky at slow speeds.

Many thanks!

TonyJ | 03. desember 2012

I don't have my tesla yet but I was under the impression (reading the forums) that requesting the creep mode to be added to the Model S t was to mitigate the jerkiness of the instant high torque in bumper to bumper traffic. If that is true you should ultimately be able to dial in the creep mode, take your foot off the brake and coast forward in bad traffic.

Amos' Tesla | 03. desember 2012

Bumper to bumper is the only time I can seem to get my projected range in line with my rated range. Otherwise I drive to fast. I have had no issues with bumper to bumper traffic. I have creep engaged as it keeps me from rolling backward when I get caught up playing with the display. You will be fine. And to everyone waiting it is worth the wait...the car is absolutely amazing and continues to exceed expectations.

Mark2131@CA-US | 03. desember 2012

My daily commute is a 30 min stop and go on the 101 in LA.

First 15 min is 80+ MPH and looking out for the CHiPs. Last 15 min is 0-30 MPH stop and go crawling.
"creep" works fine, just like an ICE automatic transmission. No creep is like a manual transmission.
No jerkiness observed at this speed on my car. Very smooth.

When you're down to below 5 mph, it's time to start enjoying that large screen!


TikiMan | 03. desember 2012

There was a little jerking under 10 MPH in traffic, however, nothing really bad.
Being the new 4.0 software addresses this issue, I have a feeling they may have fixed it. I will know more soon.

dahtye | 03. desember 2012

I had no issues with bumper to bumper traffic since I've taken delivery a month ago. I keep creep turned off and if traffic is between 5 and 10mph, it works out great - I seldom need to press the brake pedal. No jerkiness noticed.

olanmills | 05. desember 2012

Is the creep easy to turn off an on? I'm assuming you have to be fully stopped to change the option, but the car can be in Drive, is that correct?

I think creep would make driving a lot more comfortable in stop and go traffic, or situations like a fast food drive-thru, but in general, I would keep the creep mode off. However, it would be nice if it was easy to turn on.

BYT | 05. desember 2012

I'm in traffic all the time, played with my Model S with creep on and off and both work just fine! 1 pedal driving with creep off of most of the road is flat, once I see daylight, I am out of there!!

Theresa | 07. desember 2012

My experience with creep is that the car has to be in park in order to change from one mode to the other.

William13 | 07. desember 2012

The jerkiness is very slight and easily avoided when I am driving. I would recommend creep being on for true bumper to bumper as it requires less thinking in very slow traffic. I didn't ever notice the jerkiness until someone posted about it and I set out to cause it.

olanmills | 12. desember 2012

Thanks for the confirmation Theresa, and I actually also so a YouTube video yesterday where that was mentioned incedentally.

It would be more convenient to me if you could turn it on and off while in D, but I suppose it's not as safe. The way it works is not so bad, I guess.