Delivery date factors

Delivery date factors

I was wondering if there are any tips in expediting a delivery. I know that the P85 has higher priority than 60. I got the straight up 85. I live in the Bay Area and am closer to Palo Alto than I am to their factory in Fremont. Would it make the delivery any faster if I chose Fremont as my pick up location?

JPPTM | 07. november 2013

Unlikely--how long would it take TM to move your car to PA (...they would probably drive it there...)?

jajabor | 25. november 2013

I don't think you can expedite. They get to it when they get to it. BTW, it only takes couple of days to build the car.

greghigham | 03. desember 2013

At this point I've asked them to hold off on my build until they can assure me a 2014 (Jan 1+). While the instant gratitude part of me wants it NOW, the pragmatic part of me (currently winning this tug of war) thinks resale of a 2014 wins over not waiting the additional 4-6 weeks.

Brian H | 03. desember 2013

Only to naive buyers who don't know the model year means nothing.