Department of Energy and 1 million electric cars by 2015

Department of Energy and 1 million electric cars by 2015

Here's a great article:

The most interesting part is: "...To spur consumer demand, Obama has proposed to turn the $7,500 tax credit for electric cars into a rebate that car buyers can get when they buy the cars. Sandalow compares this proposal to the popular Cash for Clunkers program because consumers can claim the incentive quickly rather than waiting to claim it as an income tax credit."

That instant $7,500 would be awesome especially if in time for delivery for the Model S. I just hope that the price doesn't sky rocket for the 300 mile edition. I'm also all for giving 30 communities grants of up to $10 million each. Making an "electric highway" (one where you can recharge on overnights or swap out batteries and continue on) would achievable in CA, but across the US, that would be awesome!

Ramon123 | 08. februar 2011

The change in the $7500 incentive wasn't in order to "spur sales," since the Volt is selling all it can produce, and so's the Leaf.
That was just a "convenient fiction." The reason was because of the widespread fraud uncovered by the Treasury Dept - they even found Hummer owners involved. A real scandal due to the usual ineptitude of our brainless federal govt.

BYT | 09. februar 2011

What pisses me off is that Volt is on that list! It's just another Hybrid and should be labeled as such. Take all that money away from anything that still has an ICE and save it for a TRUE electric vehicle!

adellelijah | 09. februar 2011

Don't get me wrong esp. when it comes to political sides, but I'm all for legislation that will "help" me and the rest of the country take part in the electric vehicle era that should have begun in the 70s during the first oil embargo. =)

Ramon123: we are going to see fraud across all lines of legislation esp. when there are smart people out there trying to take advantage of everything and anything.

BYT: I'm all for TRUE EVs getting the credits.