Details, details, details,...

Details, details, details,...

I talked to someone in the automotive business to take a look at the following video.

I am not sure how to explain in English but this person is in the car lining business (everything inside the car : mats, coating, foam, acoustics,...)

I know the following are details and the car in the video is a beta, still it was very interesting to hear the comment.

In the video at minute 3:36 you can see the inside where the door closes. The space between the white and the grey part in the jamb is to big. Both parts should connect better.

Minute 3:57, the frunk. There are three different colors for the materials of the frunk. The part above the little net is light grey. The left and right side is a little darker. The bottom is even more dark. This means they used three different materials.

Minute 6:09 . Same remark, the left and right material is different from the material used for the bottom. Also notice how the rear seats don't connect correctly where there is a bend. Furthermore the rectangle shaped covers on the bottom of the seat are not equally high. The right one, of the smaller seat, is higher than the left one.

These comments are all details, and given on what we could see on a video. I found them very interesting, since I have no knowledge of these kind of details.

Besides these comments the person thought is was a very nice and cool car.

jerry3 | 03. juni 2012

That is a beta car. Fit and finish on the interior were not finalized when that car was assembled and the car was not produced on the assembly line. There are no videos of real production cars out there yet. About all you can say is that the interior quality has improved with each beta generation.

Jason S | 03. juni 2012

Are they still using the MB drive selector as seen in that video? Also, those seats are really old ... much better seats in later betas, from the other pictures I've seen.

One thing I did notice -- the wiper fluid fill looks like it'll be a little annoying.

steven.maes | 04. juni 2012

I am aware that the car was not produced on the assembly line. I just wanted to share the knowledge. I would never ever have looked at these details, as probably some of the others here on the forum wouldn't either. Now I know where to look...

Jason S : Why would it be annoying. Annoying to reach, when spilling fluid, ... ?

digitaltim | 04. juni 2012

@Jason S - agreed on the wiper fluid fill...likes tight...

digitaltim | 04. juni 2012