Detained by Rural Sherriff

Detained by Rural Sherriff

Our Model S resides in Mariposa County, one of the more rural and conservative areas of California, no incorporated towns, no stoplights and lots of miles of lovely winding roads. We also have Yosemite National Park and some good restaurants.

Yesterday my wife and I were running errands and stopped by the County Solid Waste Disposal facility to drop off recycling. As I was about to pull away from the cardboard recycling area, I noticed a man approaching the car very cautiously. As I was rolling down the window, despite the fact the he was out of uniform and wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, we recognized our County Sherriff,. “I really love your car”, was how he greeted us – not a bad way to start of conversation with law enforcement. We got out of the car and started 20 minutes or so of Tesla Time. He said, “I’m a car guy and the Tesla is a big deal, it is huge! ”He was very familiar with the car and said that had read everything he could about it, but had never seen one for real, and that he never thought that he might see his first Tesla at the County landfill!

I asked him if he was familiar with the process necessary to safely crack open the car to rescue someone trapped inside. He said that he had received at least 11 copies of the video and that he and others in the department had studied it carefully. I thought for a few milliseconds about asking if they were interested in using our car for rescue training, but decided not to make that offer for some reason.

After looking in all the nooks and crannies, (no drug is there either), looking at the screen, etc., I offered him a test drive, but he declined. Later, I was thinking about how that test drive might need to differ from the one I did the day before. Maybe this is one case where you insist he does the driving.

Given the conservative nature of the County, one is never sure how people will react to Tesla, but the Sherriff here is a fan, that is for sure.

Epley | 20. kan 2013


SamO | 20. kan 2013


Great story. Definitely let him drive. I imagine the Sheriff would be among the safest drivers you could ride with.

mcskks22 | 20. kan 2013

That's awesome!

ian | 20. kan 2013

Ha! Very cool!

BarryQ | 20. kan 2013

At what point were you detained?

olanmills | 20. kan 2013

@Barry, I'm not sure if you're question is serious or not, but shs's joke was that he was "detained" by the sherriff due to having to answer questions and show him the car, etc. The thread title is a joke.

shs | 20. kan 2013

In this case, detained means delayed.

shs | 20. kan 2013

It got you to read the thread.

dlewis | 20. kan 2013

I've been asked by more than one police officer about the car, generally when stopped at a convenience store. Never offered any rides but if it was my county sheriff I probably would.

I do, however, disagree that they would probably be the safest drivers. Historically police have more traffic accidents than normal citizens, and that is AFTER taking out any pursuit related ones.

shs | 20. kan 2013

I am a little concerned the the spelling police haven't been knocking on my door. What is happening to this forum?

Tâm | 20. kan 2013

It doesn't make sense when the Sherriff learned virtually every thing about the car but then refused it in real life?

So can you guess if his department would be the first or last to get a Tesla?

jonesxander | 21. kan 2013

That would be SIIIICK!!! Tesla Model S cop cars! lol.

It would have to have a higher top speed, however.

Brian H | 21. kan 2013

How many "the" 's do you use per noun? Generally?

And the title could have been even more dramatic: "Held up by Rural Sheriff!"

shs | 21. kan 2013


Actually he said that he would love to own one if he could afford it, but had 4 kids. We then talked about the 3rd row seating, which he didn't know about.