Did you convert your Model X order to Model S (D)? After X Reveal, are you more likely to buy Model S instead????

Did you convert your Model X order to Model S (D)? After X Reveal, are you more likely to buy Model S instead????

I wondered what effect the Oct 9 announcement of Dual Drive for Model S had on the Model X backlog. Now that the Shareholder letter indicates Model X deliveries will slip to third quarter, 2015, does that cause you to consider switching to a Model S with dual motors because you could get one faster?

When you ordered Model X, were you more interested in the AWD or in the crossover body style/higher platform?

If you changed your order, was it to move up delivery of an all wheel drive vehicle for the winter ski season or winter driving conditions instead of waiting for Model X delivery?

Flag as inappropriate | 21. oktober 2014

I would say AWD was a requirement for me, so I will consider the MS-D now. There's nothing else explicitly holding it back as there's a lot of storage, the air suspension can get good ground clearance when needed, and my family is not large enough to warrant a 3rd row.

Since the MX will almost definitely be announced and configurable before the first MS-D's ship I don't see any reason to cancel my order and switch. That way I can weigh the features and cost against each other. Winter's almost going to be over by the time I would get it anyway.

vandacca | 21. oktober 2014

I'm more interested in the MX for functional reasons (i.e. extra cargo capacity) and the AWD. The MS-D only addresses half of my requirements.

ian | 21. oktober 2014

i'm more interested in the higher seating position and larger carrying capacity but always intended to make a decision between the X and the S after seeing the final production version of the X. AWD wasn't key but I'm glad to see it actually improves range as this next vehicle will be a road trip car that I intend to finally take on a tour of the U.S.


babstude | 21. oktober 2014

nope - don't care about AWD; would like the more space the X will afford ;-)

Solarwind | 21. oktober 2014

I switched my res right away. wanted the AWD and air suspension, not excited about falcon doors or more wind resistance. The S should have enough room as most of the time it will be two old people and a small dog traveling.

ernie | 21. oktober 2014 wife says no model S even with the AWD which in the Pacific Northwest we need fairly regularly for mountain travel. Sure wanted the vehicle sooner, but she says to wait. She does not want to sink down or have to climb up...even with the extra 2" you can get optional and wants something close to her current SUV. All this and I will be the primary driver...but domestic tranquility is a big factor. Sure hope the WA state tax incentive is extended.

barrykmd | 22. oktober 2014

Yes. For me, AWD is a must. Also, wasn't fond of the MX doors. Cancelled my 2 1/2 year old MX rez and ordered an S85D. If I want to pretend I'm in an SUV, I can just raise the car, as I ordered the air suspension :-)

Blue85DCalifornia | 22. oktober 2014

Yes, I ordered the S 85D immediately. I had tesla cancel my X and transfer the deposit over to the S

EternalChampion | 22. oktober 2014

No. I ordered the D in addition to the X that had already been preordered.

mhgross | 23. oktober 2014

Is Tesla being selective about the offer to switch regular X to signature X? I'm sitting on a #1201 regular X reservation and got no such offer. Don't understand why Tesla isn't more communicative about what's going on? Just saying.....

dondennis | 23. oktober 2014

My continued desire for the Model X is dependent upon towing capacity. I love my early edition Model S, but I need another vehicle suitable for towing my ski-boat to and from the launching ramp. I'll hold on to my Model X reservation.

Brian H | 23. oktober 2014

It was a mistake. No switching is possible.

vandacca | 23. oktober 2014

@mhgross Tesla claims that there was a glitch on the website. Most people (or possibly all?) that have tried to upgrade were later contacted by Tesla that their deposit will be refunded. Tesla apologize and will provide some swag as compensation.

jpcompetello | 23. oktober 2014

I am keeping my 8,000 plus reservation for the x. I really like/need the extra view from a higher position and I do not think the option suspension is a correction to the issue. I will wait at least for the price point and then go from there. I expect 10 percent increase but that is no problem. Have looked at all of the other electrics out there and they are junk......

timf2001 | 23. oktober 2014

I am locked into my current lease until November 2015, so I did not switch to the Model S D at this time. Should something happen and either the Model X gets delayed beyond when my car is due for replacement or the price is significantly higher than a Model S I would consider switching, but I would prefer the higher seating position and increased headroom that a CUV provides and intend to stick with the Model X.

proven | 23. oktober 2014

No change as we already have a Model S and are looking to get the X to replace our minivan. AWD really has little to do with why we are interested in the X, but we'll happily take it!

Laryrob | 24. oktober 2014

not decided yet;AWD drive important and my wife likes the suv higher up position. I have an S w/air suspension which really doesn't appreciably raise the car to an SUV height-and it lowers at a moderate speed automatically so don't rely on it to keep you in elevated position while driving. On other hand if WA doesn't extend the sales tax exemption soon we may go w/the D

murbahn | 26. oktober 2014

Yes. Just made the switch.

Brian H | 26. oktober 2014

Wonder if the X and S waiting lists will change much.

romvd | 27. oktober 2014

I switched from Model X to S P85D ~10 days ago. Reason - I was waiting for AWD on model X (Minnesota 'winter is coming'). With 6" +1.5" Very High air suspension plus AWD it is all I needed from Model X. The acceleration boost to 3.2 sec to 60 mph was a great accelerator for my decision, as it makes P85D faster than my current car, while all previous models were slower. I cannot imagine handling will match a real sport car, but Model S lower center of mass is better than Model X for handling purposes (at least theoretically), AWD will make the car hold turns better than rear wheel drive model S that I test drove. In addition, waiting another year gets a bit old; and I honestly expect that S P85D will be closer to what I wanted in my ideal car. Thank you Tesla!

Just my reasons for the switch, because you asked. Hopefully you will make your decision based on your needs and preferences; I also will be curious to hear back what your reasons were in case you switched.

ernie | 30. oktober 2014

Well....I tried to get my wife to let me switch. Nix on she wants the height of the seats and refuses to sag almost to the pavement to get into a vehicle. Sigh......well hurry up X.

db | 31. oktober 2014

I maintain my MX order, because I live in an area with moutains and snow 5 months a year and we need load capacity.

Remnant | 31. oktober 2014

@ ernie (October 30, 2014)

<< Well....I tried to get my wife to let me switch. Nix on she wants the height of the seats and refuses to sag almost to the pavement to get into a vehicle. >>

Thank God for having her to keep you on the straight and narrow.

rapnjoe | 02. november 2014

Model X reservation 6715, have not switched however in time anything is possible, currently in a Leaf Lease till end of august 2015 and hoping the timing works out to take delivery of X even 2 to 3 months early,I'm sure if I test drove a Performance D I would not switch but sign a lease and in 3 months say I'm not happy with S any more and use my reservation on X all cash purchase, reasons for my preference in the X hoping for a tow package for a 2 Kayak trailer and prefer a slightly bigger beefier vehicle than S and really dig the X headlights more and the doors as much everyone thinks they do not want them is probably going to be like the iphone before it existed no one knew they would want one until it existed. I do have one request from Tesla though please make your link for reserving Model X "Go for a spin" part where you can at least change the color of the car you want to go for a spin in the meantime before Model x studio is ready.

Brian H | 02. november 2014

Was that all in one breath? | 03. november 2014

My plan is for the stock to double, cash in and buy the X. Also want 7 real seats.
Stock hasn't doubled. It's a race between my reservation and the stock price. Reservation is like watching a tortoise in slow motion. Stock is like watching a jack rabbit hop up a hill. Reservation is the favorite.

sbeggs | 05. november 2014

News: Model X deliveries delayed to 3Q 2015.

Does this make you want to switch to Model S or P Dual Drive because you wouldn't have to wait so long?

Or, is the crossover style what you really want? | 05. november 2014

I really need to see the MX in the flesh before I do anything. Of course the price of my MS 85D build just went up....$4,000 D upgrade your time on this planet was too short. RIP 10/2014-11/2014

NumberOne | 05. november 2014

I definitely will not change to the Model S85D. I wanted the Model X because of the extra seating capacity. Waiting for the Model X is actually a good thing. I have had a long time to think about exactly what I wanted, and the more time passes, the more technology will be available. As Elon has said, it is going to be a very 'Special' car. Also, my Model X license plate would look better on an actual Model X than it would on a Model S.

Remnant | 06. november 2014

@ sg021 (October 21, 2014)

<< ... the MX will almost definitely be announced and configurable before the first MS-D's ship ... >>

With the new delay, this sequence probably changed.

Do you know anything about this? | 06. november 2014

@Remnant - That was based on my assumption that Q2 was a go for the MX, since the MS-D isn't shipping until February. Now it's probably not a certainty. Predicting anything schedule related with Tesla seems to be an exercise in futility. | 06. november 2014

@sg021: If one predicts a schedule slip, they will almost always be right.
It sort of goes with the territory in a startup. One makes ambitious schedules. Everyone signs off, knowing it is damn near impossible. The day of reckoning arrives. New ambitious schedule. If the VCs like you, have deep pockets, and really buy into what you are doing, they will go along with it for a while. Then, one day, you find out that your company is being sold to a public company, an opportunity for another new schedule. Suddenly, you miraculously pull it off. The product is sensational. The new owner makes a fortune. Their stock goes up 4000%. If you were smart enough to hang onto the stock options, you can retire in comfort and someday afford a Tesla. Tesla is still behaving like a startup and I like that as I exercise futilely.

ian | 06. november 2014

Not caving and getting an S yet. I'll wait to see what the production X looks like first. My reservation is in the high 3000's. I'll just have to put up with my stinky 10 year old dead dino burner for a while longer.

Honestly, before I discovered the S I was happy to keep it for a long time anyway as there really was nothing on the market that tickled my fancy. Had Audi brought the avant version of their latest S4 I would likely be driving that. Alas, they chose to only bring it to the U.S. in a sedan version.

krissu | 07. november 2014

Who says it will be Q3 2015. Gullwings are not practical, maybe in Nevada. SUV and AWD suits into snowy climates, so you will have constantly snow and ice on roof, very unpractical to remove it all the time. Also snow will melt on the roof, water will be between the gaskets of the doors and freeze to ice. Water dipping into car, all this fun. Then roof rack construction will be very tricky and expensive, taking your X to skiing.... I prefer much the S, looks pretty and you can drive it now.

danny | 07. november 2014

On news of the Model X delay, today I traded in my last ICE for our second Leaf.

I'll keep my early signature Model X reservation, and upgrade if the family/SUV size function is there.

The depreciation on the Leaf (I hope) will be more affordable if I sell in a year for the Model X. I can't justify buying a Model S, only to sell in a year. Used Model S's aren't selling for a reasonable price-point for me.

The good news is that I am now a BEV only driver.

sbeggs | 16. november 2014

I guess the results are mixed. Some of you mainly want the features of a crossover, while others mainly need the all wheel drive for snow and traction.

We don't have any actual data from Tesla to quantify the switches to Model S -D from the original Model X orders, though.

Svenssons | 16. november 2014

I'm interested in AWD, crossover body and higher ground clearance, not just AWD. I did not switch to Model S instead because of the delay. I switched from Model X Standard Production to Signature as a reaction to the delay.

jjs | 16. november 2014

There is a lot of talk about ground clearance. I hope those expecting a a vehicle much easier to get in and out of are correct. That is in part why we have an X reserved. I am, however, a little concerned that the X might not be that much higher off the ground than the S because of drag/range issues. Perhaps how high the vehicle sits off the ground is not a substantial contributor to drag. Anyone know for sure?

Svenssons | 16. november 2014

Don't think anyone is able to tell how high the ground clearance will be but just a couple of centimeters higher maximum than Model S is enough for me. I'll get the air suspension and I don't think a Model X with air suspension will have high ground clearance than a Model S on speeds above 50 km/h.

sbeggs | 24. november 2014

The jury is still out, need more data...

jb2510 | 25. november 2014

Keeping my X reservation (#4950), but bought an S today, to hold me over. Saved $10k on showroom model, and will sell the S when i get the X.

jjs | 26. november 2014

@jb2510 Enjoy your S.

bsattley | 26. november 2014


I did the exact same thing. Bought a demo P85+

Contemplating switching to the signature model X. Anyone have any idea what kind of movement I'd get? reservation ~#5000

ian | 26. november 2014

Are you in the US? If so, the signatures are sold out and have been for a long time. The recent appearance of the signature upgrade button was a mistake on Tesla's part and those that sent them the money for the upgrade have had it returned.


johnwladd | 26. november 2014

I absolutely must have the falcon doors. Not many people own up to the fact, but they are pretty darn cool. So I am buying two model X's and am thinking about a P85D.

jb2510 | 30. november 2014

Thanks @jjs! Had a scare when i first got pictures. ..looked like UGLY scrape on driver door. ..Thought i was going to have to pass. ..called and they said it was bird poop! !! Omg.... Hope to find out tomorrow when pickup will be :)

jb2510 | 05. januar 2015

Got my MS60 on 12/12 - and I love it, but now I REALLY want my MX! This is an absolutely beautiful car but I want larger battery (I bought a loaner) and higher seating entry/egress and whatever other goodies are getting packed into the MX. Pretty sure it'll be at Detroit AS (my rep said he's going out there and that it "should" be there). Waiting anxiously.....

mdemetri | 05. januar 2015

jb2510 - Who is your 'rep'? Would they have inside information?

aljjr2 | 06. januar 2015

It would seem unlikely that Tesla would have the 3 year old Prototype at CES (Vegas) in the Panasonic booth and the new model introduced at the same time in Detroit. The protoype is confirmed at CES.

jb2510 | 06. januar 2015

He is going to be working at the Detroit AS (yes, he's a Tesla employee), so I figured he did have a little inside information. Anxiously awaiting his emails...