Do you "hang out" in your Model S?

Do you "hang out" in your Model S?

The spacious, high tech cabin is becoming a new room in my house and I have spent hours in it. Something I never did in my other cars in the cold garage. The Tesla heater works without an engine running which changes everything. Here are two examples from this weekend:

Saturday I woke up with a really sore back. I had to give my wife and her mom a lift to the manicurist. When I got home, I couldn't face the 3 flights of stairs up to our master bedroom where my little heating pad was, so I pushed my "Exit profile" for the seat memory, reclined the seat back a bit more, turned up the seat heater, set the cabin temp to 70 and enjoyed a nice therapeutic hour and a half relaxing, listening to music and heating my back. When I got out of the car I felt much, much better.

On Sunday my sister called to discuss some sensitive family stuff. I was on the first floor in my office but other members of the household were right above me at the top of a very open staircase so I had little privacy. I grabbed the phone and stepped into the garage, which is inside the first floor of our tall row home. When I entered the Tesla the phone call seamlessly moved to the hands free system and we talked for an hour with me in my warm, cozy, private car.

Away from home it's a great environment to hang out in too. I don't mind waiting for people while they go into stores or run errands. I can surf the net on the big display, do my email, make calls, or just relax. It hasn't happened yet, but I know that if I want to be undisturbed, I will have to hide the car in a remote corner of a lot or low foot traffic area. Otherwise, I'll be spending a lot of time talking Tesla with the curious and the faithful. So far, I have embraced every opportunity to spread the word and show off the car.

CC | 18. mars 2013

+1 Lush1

My kids are constantly asking me to let them play in the Model S while it's in the garage. They climb all over from the front to the trunk and back :) So the S is now a play ground as well.

The other day while my wife is in Target, I was waiting in the lot with my 2 yr old. I kept him entertained with kids music from internet radio, and kept myself entertained with the web browser reading news. Waiting for the wife to shop is no longer boring :)

hsadler | 18. mars 2013

Thinking I will park on the curb next to the local Porsche dealer and read a book.


kilimats | 18. mars 2013

question for you owners, how many miles per hour do you lose when parked and heating up the inside temp including one seat ?

GeirT | 18. mars 2013

Moment of enlightenment. The MS will of course be my new hideaway! Cosy, warm and comfortable with music, internet... Wow. Never thought about it that way. What a great find!
This waiting is sooo painful!

gasnomo | 18. mars 2013

very little..but i keep internal temp to 68, i believe the battery use is somewhat exponential depending on your temp, like driving speed is, but don't understand is AC is a bigger battery drain.

kyleket | 18. mars 2013


(Not Mobil!)

Bob W | 18. mars 2013

With the battery fully charged, and the charger still plugged in to 117V, and the heater on (at a modest level, not full blast), I measured 235W draw from the charger using a Kill-A-Watt meter (~2.3A, with 0A shown on the Tesla charging display). I also measured the draw with the A/C on, and saw the same number, 235W, which surprised me.

So to answer @kilimats's question, if you average 308 Wh/mile (EPA rating), and the Model S's HVAC draws 235 Wh all by itself, that's a little over 2/3rds of mile of rated range used up for every hour you sit parked with the heater or A/C going. For some reason, while in motion, the HVAC doesn't seem to use up nearly that much energy, but I don't know why.

Of course you lose zero miles of rated range if you just keep the car plugged in while enjoying your new hang-out in the garage. :-)

c.bussert67 | 18. mars 2013

Yes I do! Err, WE do! My wife and I would hang out in the S for hours when we first got it! We'd listen to music 'cause its simply the best sounding system we have! We'd surf the net. But the most fun is just playing with Slacker finding cool music and it sounds so good in the S. On a cold night, we put the seat heaters on 1 and just relaaaax.