Driving my Model X to the Model III reveal event

Driving my Model X to the Model III reveal event

I would love to drive my Model X to the Model III reveal event. It appears that the only way that would happen is if I order a P90D and even then I would be cutting it close because my number is in the 12,xxx's. Then too, I have to figure out how to get invited? Any ideas?

Tâm | 08. desember 2015


Your chance to access to Model ≡ unveiling:

1) Make at least 10 new Model S sales Referrals by the end of this year.

If not, may be for:

2) a Signature owner.

If not, lastly, and might be for :

3) a Production owner.

Ross1 | 08. desember 2015

4) a significant investor. Like a billion dollars. And get given a Founders edition. | 08. desember 2015

Member of the Board of Directors?
One of Elon's kids?

Tâm | 08. desember 2015


I forgot. Thanks.

Also, it doesn't hurt if you become California Governor fast before the unveiling :)

Roamer@AZ USA | 08. desember 2015

After participating in the X event I would recommend taking that new X anywhere but the three event.

socalsam | 08. desember 2015

There isn't a single production Model x on the road and no indication that one is coming anytime soon and people are already starting to talk about the Model 3. amazing.

My prediction- you wont see the Model 3 before 2018.

Ankit Mishra | 08. desember 2015

You will be wrong. And there are 17 founder X delivered. Sure its your choice to not count them.

socalsam | 08. desember 2015

Reread what I wrote- here is not a single PRODUCTION X on the road. Yes- I do not count 17 hand built special versions for billionaires.

rossRallen | 08. desember 2015

Somebody is an optimist! And, a glutton for punishment too.

My recommendation for the Model 3 launch: take a cab, stand in place for three hours, then watch it on the Internet (standing up) on your iPhone.

socalsam | 08. desember 2015

The X reveal was a farce. No way I would waste any time standing in line or otherwise for any reveal events from tesla. They don't run on time and you get no real information. I have better things to do than go to a crowded event that doesn't tell you anything.

Ankit Mishra | 08. desember 2015

I would be honoured if I get a chance to watch Model 3 event or any event from Tesla in my life. I will wait for hours because there are very few things on this planet I would spend my time on waiting.

socalsam | 08. desember 2015

Ill watch the event. The next day. on youtube so I can fast forward the bs and not sit there and wait for Elon to come on stage 90 minutes late.

clublon | 08. desember 2015

I went to the event, I enjoyed it, and would welcome the chance to go to the next one.

ian | 08. desember 2015

The next one I go to, if I get invited, I'm not taking someone who has to be anywhere early the next morning. I missed out on the test rides at the X event because of this. ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 08. desember 2015

socalsam: Cool. Be sure to forward any Tesla Motors Event Invitation you get to me!