Effect of road conditions on range

Effect of road conditions on range

There has been some discussion about hills and effect of regen in other topic here. It turned to be quite interesting to see actual data about driving in real world (for more than just me).

So: if you have an EV and drive in "challenging" environment, snow, hills, gravel, twisty roads etc. tell us your experience about how it affects the car mileage. If you can give a base of comparison and use wattage instead of miles. Roadster owners especially are welcome to participate, you have Tesla drivetrain.

DHrivnak | 29. kan 2012

I have seen as much as a 25% reduction due to environment in my roadster. Heavy rain especially if i have to run heat and defrosters can soak up extra juice. I have seen my watts/mile vary from 223 to over 270 on the same stretch of road.

Brian H | 30. kan 2012

That's very interesting; I wonder how much ICE mileage varies under similar enviro-challenges.

jerry3 | 30. kan 2012

Actually, there's not much difference, it just appears less because:

1. Most ICE drivers don't keep logbooks. The only time they check is on a vacation trip where they go through a tank in a few hours. It also happens to be the condition where the best MPG their car is achieved, so they are happy and think they get that all the time.

2. Most ICE cars don't have a lot of instrumentation.

3. 25% of 22 mpg is only 5.5 mpg. That's not enough for the average ICE driver to notice.