Electrochromatic side mirrors in tech package, but how about the rearview mirror?

Electrochromatic side mirrors in tech package, but how about the rearview mirror?

I can't find if this feature is on the rearview mirror as I find that in most cases, that is the one that shines the cars lights behind me and right into my eyes while driving. Can someone direct me to that as I don't see it on the Options and Pricing or Specs pages. THANKS!

Volker.Berlin | 29. februar 2012

This strikes me as well. I assume that electro-chromatic rearview mirror is understood, but I have yet to see it officially mentioned somewhere.

BYT | 29. februar 2012

I would assume that is would at the least be on the Specs page if not an option. It also makes me wonder what else I may have looked over?

Robert.Boston | 01. mars 2012

I asked this question point-blank to a Tesla rep yesterday; he didn't know. He said that DOT requires some form of dimming on the rear-view mirror, so he was assuming that electrochromatic would be standard on all Model Ss. But, he didn't know for sure.

BYT | 01. mars 2012

Thanks Robert, I hope it is because I for one get annoyed by the large Truck or SUV shining the light ring into my eyes from right behind me. i always end up just pointing it down which isn't safe but neither is driving blind!

David70 | 01. mars 2012


Don't you have a "mechanical dimmer" for the mirror?

BYT | 01. mars 2012

@David70, you lost me? I didn't have a mechanical dimmer in my 2003 Honda Accord or the 2007 Toyota Rav4 that I drive now.

brianman | 01. mars 2012

@BYT - I think he means the flip up/flip down design that has been around a while. I suspect you interpreted "mechanical dimmer" to mean something else, hence the confusion.

BYT | 01. mars 2012

@brianman and @David70, Thanks for clarifying and yes, I have the flip up/down switch at the base of the rearview mirror. Problem is that when "flipped" I can't see what is behind me until the offending blinding car is no longer behind me and then I can flip it back. I see personally a lot more utility in a electrochromatic rearview mirror then I do in the side mirrors.

EdG | 01. mars 2012

@BYT: I'm not sure if you meant "can't see much" behind, or "can't see anything" when the mirror is flipped.

If it's the latter, then you probably set it incorrectly. Try flipping the mirror to the other position, then adjust the mirror by hand to see behind you. Then try the flipped (what was normal before) position when driving at night with headlights blinding you.

BYT | 01. mars 2012

That maybe the case because my wife is a bit shorter then I am and I flip the rearview up for my hight and down for hers as that works perfectly for both of us so it could vary well be that we are not using that correctly.

gagliardilou | 01. mars 2012

I also like the RVM to have the temp and direction. That always bugged me in my BMW - it did not tell you the direction you were heading. I normally know which direction I am heading but it does come in handy once in a while. My comment was always:$60,000.00 car and it doesn't even tell you the direction you are going!

discoducky | 01. mars 2012

Show stopper! JK'ing, is it Spring yet! Gotta be standard, maybe it will auto adjust with the side mirrors and seat? Wow, now there's a stretch!

Brian H | 02. mars 2012

Hm, ya, with little IR lasers tracking the driver's eyeballs so the mirror is always perfectly positioned to give the ideal reflection angle, and ...
Imagine it frantically swiveling about as you move your head back and forth, lean forward to use the display screen, turn to look out the side window, etc.! Heh.

Robert.Boston | 03. mars 2012

Maybe fit a couple of astoundingly powerful lights in the back compartment, pointing backwards, that you can switch on when some idiot is driving behind you with his brights on.

brianman | 03. mars 2012

@Robert - Or maybe just a remote-adjustable mirror connected to the USB power would do the trick.

Brian H | 03. mars 2012

are you talking about a rear-window mirror to reflect the hibeams back at your pursuer? ;) Good idea! Cheaper than your own spotlight-weapon.

brianman | 04. mars 2012