Elon is a genius or...

Elon is a genius or...

TM has been selling Model S like hot cakes over the last year.

Next year will be the debut of Model X.

Gen3 is now called Model E.

So TM will soon have a full line up of S, E, X for sale.

Elon is either a mad genius and / or the poor guy just has not been getting any...

shop | 22. august 2013

Oh man, knowing Elon, this can't be a coincidence! I wonder what the rationale would be for calling it a Model E? For that matter, what's the reason for X? Cross over?

Chuck Lusin | 22. august 2013

E = Economical?

Neech | 22. august 2013

LOL, Elon may just have a funny sense of humor. He has a gorgeous model GF, but maybe he is working so much that he only has time to actually sleep at home.

NomoDinos | 22. august 2013

I think he's just being careful not to add to his growing clan.

Cindy I II III | 22. august 2013

@ OP, given his status it shouldn't be hard to get some. However, long-term-relationship wise, it's really hard for me to imagine an intelligent (likely beautiful) woman who is not a gold digger can stand being 3rd (work, kids, then you) all the time.

Tiebreaker | 22. august 2013

He had mentioned E long ago:

Our goal is to make great products that happen to be electric. I hate the idea that someone would have to buy a bad car just because it is electric. There will definitely be more models after the S and X. Maybe an E :) 8/30/12 12:04pm

David15 | 22. august 2013

E could stand for Exotic .... Erotic .... Elon? | 22. august 2013

I hate to say it but " good one nick"

Brian H | 22. august 2013

Elon's Brit ex Talulah Riley moved back in with him, to keep him from going "king crazy". ;)

Mathew98 | 22. august 2013

You know I'm poking fun at the mad genius, right guys and gals?

What's a multi-billionaire to do with all this wealth and geeky toys?

The poor sap looked extremely tired in his latest interview with Betty Liu. He doesn't even have enough time to fulfill any more of his evil master plan (aka hyperloop).

sergiyz | 22. august 2013

Elon has a good sense of humor, thanks for that !
Now, the race is on.
Whoever gets all three models first and have them lined up in the proper order, gets a prize ;)

mrspaghetti | 22. august 2013

'E' is for 'everyone'

Jamon | 22. august 2013

+1 mrspaggetti

Captain_Zap | 22. august 2013

Well, you know the old saying, "SXE Sells", or something like that.

bent | 23. august 2013

What's a multi-billionaire to do with all this wealth and geeky toys?

In Elon's case, watch them all rot away while you're busy working 20/7 building up your two disruptive companies and changing the world …

And if either one of them were to suddenly break through so that your hands-on leadership is no longer necessary, well, you'd have to fill that new gap in your schedule with the hyperloop wouldn't you.

No rest for the industrious.

Mark K | 23. august 2013

Bent - I think Elon will put his rapidly expanding wealth to very good use, and nothing will rot on his brisk pace.

Exciting new spaceships and supersonic VTOL electric jets will get built - sooner and with less financial struggles and distraction. Sufficient resources let you focus on what you're good at. And he is as good as they come.

And what you see as 20/7 work is in fact the most thrilling passion of his life. He'll have a ride like no other, reinventing the world better, while having fun doing what he truly loves. This is nothing poignant about his gig at all.

Most companies, and virtually all governments would spend much more and deliver less than what Elon will do with his increasing leverage.

Go watch the old film "the Man who Fell to Earth" - especially the scene between David Bowie (alien genius), and Buck Henry (patent lawyer / business manager) when they talk about the value of his patents, "That's not enough, I'll need at least a billion". Like the fictional character, Elon is on a mission, and the money is merely fuel to get there.

You can only consume so many toys before it gets tiresome. But to be able create awesome new stuff that few can even attempt, is a sublime pleasure like no other.

Brian H | 23. august 2013

I wonder if any of his kids inherited his brains. Of course, none of them will go thru the schoolyard abuse and humiliation that helped make him determined to escape S.A. and make a mark!

logicalthinker | 25. august 2013

^that^ is an interesting point. But I hope his kids appreciate what he's doing and are inspired by his example.