EU manual TMS cannot be opened

EU manual TMS cannot be opened

Just received the manual (EU) for the TMS, but it cannot be opened, Adobe Reader gives the following:
"local\EWH7+2k([0w "Does anyone know what I should do?

BertoBrink | 29. juli 2013

In addiction, Adobe sais: The file is damaged and cannot be repaired.

GeirT | 29. juli 2013

Yup - same for me; won't download properly and if file saved corruption message when opened.
Hope someone from Tesla Europe pays attention.

GeirT | 29. juli 2013

By the way - the new "Roadside Assistance Numbers" manual loaded just fine.

Winnie796 | 29. juli 2013

All mine opened up just fine.

GeirT | 29. juli 2013

Hmm... what you use to dowload, PC, Mac? with what browser?

I used Mac with Safari...

GeirT | 29. juli 2013

It worked with Mac and Firefox

iabirk | 29. juli 2013

Same here with mac and safari " the file is damaged and cannot be repaired...

Brian H | 29. juli 2013

Foxit Reader. Non-Adobe.

psirnes | 29. juli 2013
Paul Koning | 29. juli 2013

Works fine, on my Mac, with Preview, with Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.5, and with Adobe Reader 10.1

Nice to see a real manual. Unfortunately, a real manual does not seem to exist for the US model. (The little 40 page thing is a quick start guide, not a manual.) But this version is close enough to be useful for US readers.

Winnie796 | 29. juli 2013

I used a PC with Chrome.

Car-El | 30. juli 2013

Every .PDF, besides user manual, has works fine.

I use Mac's, iPad and iPhone. Now I have a Tesla bookshelf in iBooks...

But no user manual...

S4WRXTTCS | 30. juli 2013

The manual on page 5.22 shows the ability to turn on/off Blind spot, but I don't see any description of blind spot monitoring.

It's odd that the official manual would show something without it even being an option.

mikefa | 30. juli 2013

Thanks psirnes!

rch1708 | 30. juli 2013

Doesn't open on my Mac, not with Preview, nor Acrobat Pro, Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader for Windows. Frustrating.

rch1708 | 30. juli 2013

Weird. Tried again in Safari and it now works...

ManuVince | 30. juli 2013

Guys, most the corruption message was due to an incomplete download. It happened to me too and I realized the file wasn't the right size. If it is not at least 17MBytes, it is not complete, try downloading it again. I think a lot of EU customers went to download it at the same time. It should work better now.

Brian H | 30. juli 2013

FireFox, saved and read fine using Foxit.

Car-El | 30. juli 2013

Now it work's. Thank's!
Owner's Manual is now in my iBook bookshelf. So now i can read Owner's Manual in bed, before I go to sheep.
(Come on, Brian H! You can not let pass! B-D. )

Brian H | 30. juli 2013

--works, Thanks--.
The 's is used only for possessives and abbreviations. NEVER plurals. Many make this error.