Factory tours for the next 2 weeks

Factory tours for the next 2 weeks

All, we just completed our factory tour today (8/4) and for the next 2 weeks (only) you will be able to see Power-train assembly (the mysterious second floor!) as part of the tour!!! I saw 18650s being assembled into packs and (I believe) being tested!! They are doing this as a tradeoff in that the new assembly line is off limits for the next 2 weeks. But this is the only time you'll be able to see where the pack, motor and rotor are assembled. Pretty sweet!!

kinsman175 | 04. august 2014

Ohh! I wish I was local cuz I'd be there tomorrow morning. So what happens in 2 weeks when people can see the assembly line again? The mystery now has a timeline!

NKYTA | 04. august 2014

Perfect time for my two week vacation then.


Iowa92x | 04. august 2014

How did you make the tour happen? I emailed Tesla for a tour, but crickets.

oildeathspiral | 04. august 2014


Could you tell if MS production aside from the battery packs had restarted?

dlake | 04. august 2014

Contact your Service Center Rep to see if they can help arrange a tour. They will put you in touch with the correct person in Fremont.

Bighorn | 04. august 2014

Tim McCann is who you want to contact for a tour.

jeffsstuff | 04. august 2014

I was wondering about that since I'm going to be there on Friday. Very cool.

hillcountryfun | 05. august 2014

Tim is the guy to help get your tour scheduled but your DS can also help you get connected with him. We were told that the new line was operating but very slowly while they finalize all of the robot settings with a few test mules. They expect to be at the new production speed for S's at the end of the 2 week period. I understood that rate to be 50% of the new line capacity rate of 1000 S's per week. Leaving capacity of 1000 X's per week ready for next year. After the 2 week period the tour is supposed to be improved with tour stops and info integrated into the new line as well!

tes-s | 05. august 2014

They should be able to get to that 1000/wk rate soon. They will add capacity for MX next year, but are not planning on doubling output to 2000/wk until the end of 2015.

Brian H | 06. august 2014

Is that email tmcann@.... or timcann@....? I guess the tmcann could be to distinguish from some other tcann@, of course.

Jamon | 06. august 2014

@Brian H you forgot a "c". It's tmccann (first initial, last name).

Thomas N. | 07. august 2014

I just leeched off this thread and had my wife email Mr. McCann for a tour in a couple weeks when she drives up there to visit family. He responded within the hour with a couple available times.

Thanks for the tip!

Bighorn | 07. august 2014

Glad to help, Thomas.
@ Brian
I thought you already had your cataracts out--what Jamon said. ;)

Brian H | 08. august 2014

In the wee hours, lucky I didn't see "tincan". (the destroyer man?)

Bighorn | 08. august 2014

You may need a YAG capsulotomy.

NomoDinos | 08. august 2014

Bighorn - ... mounted on the head of a shark? That's all I'm asking for, here. Some sharks with friggin' "lasers" on their heads.

Bighorn | 08. august 2014

I assume those were "air quotes." :)

NomoDinos | 08. august 2014

Bighorn - but of course!

nobueno | 08. august 2014

i contacted him.. he basically said its an abridged tour and that i need to wait until my delivery date... annoying

Thomas N. | 08. august 2014

If anybody has a tour the morning of August 19th, or is picking up your car that day, feel free to say hello to my wife. She'll be there with my 10-year old son. They're both blond and the same height. She's super friendly and smiley and the complete opposite of me. If I were there I'd bite you if you talked to me.


jake90 | 08. august 2014

Thomas N. - sorry, I'm 24 hr after you!

cynix | 11. august 2014

I did the factory tour today but did not get to see the second floor :(

AZNick | 11. august 2014

Cynix, so you say you saw them building cars?

julierca | 11. august 2014

To Thomas, my almost 7 year old and I, both also blonde, are missing your fam by only 1 day! We're there on the 18th. It would have been so great to meet them. I'm extra excited though about the 'limited edition' tour. My delivery isn't until late Sept. Still no vin yet. The panic is within me...

cynix | 11. august 2014

@AZNick: Yes. Couldn't see much though, we were very far from the actual production line. Saw some robots moving parts around and welding, as well as human welders. Saw some unfinished bodies on the production line but they did not appear to be moving.

Thomas N. | 11. august 2014

Oh shoot! So the tour wasn't that great? I was hoping my wife and son were going to love it.