I have owned many high-end cars, Mercedes S Class, Lexus LS 460, Audi, and nothing comes even close to the Model S.... The technological leap Tesla has made is mind boggling. Smooth, instantaneous power and rides so firm yet soft as air. Hard to do justice to how amazing this car handles. Usually, with high-end sedans you get either, i.e. Lexus (soft, less responsive) or Mercedes, BMW, Audi (firm yet jarring at times). The Model S literally blends the best features of both types and subtracts the negatives. I just worry that consumers are too narrow minded to take a look and recognize the master work this car is! Everyone I have driven in it is amazed and I am amazed every time I get behind the wheel. To top it off, it charges at home like all my other electronic devices. The funniest thing is that I have never been excited about vehicles. I drive a lot so always look for quality, but until now I have never felt so compelled to express utter bliss over an automobile!

edpalermo | 17. mars 2013

One last comment. I have read many posts of complaints with some of the most extraneous items such as visors and molded plastic finish in trunk. Talk about impossible to please, the revolutionary positives this car brings to every important element of motor vehicle transportation overwhelm any of these perceived deficiencies. I laugh out loud when I read this stuff.

Cattledog | 17. mars 2013
c.bussert67 | 17. mars 2013

Totally agree! The suspension blows me away. The dampening is so right! I have a road I use to test setups, and it usually produces some oscillating at one spot, where it hits bumps several times and gets the car in rythim. The S just hits, recovers and is poised for the next bump. No drama, but not overdampened or jarring.
Have heard the guy who did the suspension came from Ford's GT program!

jdesmo | 18. mars 2013

Regarding optimal suspension setup, ride and handling(for a comparable ICE sport-luxury sedan), I came to the Jaguar XF supercharged as being very close to ideal.Yes, I'm on my second one. Good all around machine, which is not a dime/dozen on the road, and goes against the herd mentality. Really this car is a true sleeper. I've been following the Model S very closely here and other sites for 2 months on a daily basis. Sounds like the EV equivalent of the above , with many other new and potential advantages. However, still can't personally justify additional $35K outlay, no lease available, inability to efficiently (i.e. without charging)execute my 230mi RT twice a week business trips. Total operating cost advantage (energy + maintenance based on 150,000 mi/10 years)for the S compared to my above comes to $200/mo on paper ( not incl. the cost of $$).
Of course, I did not test drive the MS yet...........

jat | 18. mars 2013

@jdesmo - you should be able to do 230mi without charging if you drive 70-72mph.

Once you test drive it, you will find a way to make it happen.

GLO | 18. mars 2013

@jdesmo, you only have to drive it once and you'll know you need one. I felt the same way coming from an E320 Mercedes. Could never go back.

ziggy | 18. mars 2013

That is the funny thing about a rational mind. You can always find a way to rationalize what you want..

Brian H | 18. mars 2013

That's what the brain is: the organ that comes up with means and justifications for doing what you want.

Xfrank | 18. mars 2013

I'm driving now almost 5 years in my Jaguar Xf. I'm since September on the list and count the days to delivery. ones you drove it, you want to have it and you will find a solution for the financing

July10Models | 18. mars 2013

I can't remember ever regretting a purchase. Having said that, the S is the most satisfying purchase I've ever made. It's like driving a car that can easily cost twice as much.