First prototypes ready next week!!!

First prototypes ready next week!!!

I hope I posted the article correctly. I can't wait to see it in person!!

NumberOne | 31. juli 2014

I doubt we will see them next week, except for on videos or pictures, but we will be able to touch and get into one by the end of the year.

aljjr2 | 01. august 2014

To be clear... on the conference call the statement was the "Alpha" prototypes (testing manufacturing build process) would begin after the plant lines reopen. They would be followed by the "Beta" prototypes (road testing, etc. So we may see a road testing model pictures sometime soon. There was no timeline given during the call. USA picked up part of the info, but clearly there was NO indication on the call that a public look at the Alpha Model would be on display.

The good news was the statement to Beta Model would be quickly following the Alpha. The best "indication" during the call was other than the possible spy photo's, the Model X test models would be toward the end of the year .... let's all hope for updates to the configurator and live sooner.

Boukman | 01. august 2014

It is good news that the MX if finally coming out soon, albeit in its alpha form...Though like most Tesla followers I can't wait to see the MX in production, Tesla has to be careful to avoid repeating errors committed with the MS because some people are just waiting to pounce and negatively criticize any little thing that might go wrong with the MX. The oil industry is strong and rich and their influence is wide and deep and they se Tesla as a serious existential threat and they will do anything to stop Tesla in its track. Since the MX is AWD, I think the software package and some of the hardware will be quite different from the MS which is RWD. As Tesla is relatively new at this, I agree with slow and deliberate approach they have taken in taking the time to work out the kinks out of the MX. Hopefully, it will be an even better car than the that will put everyone on notice that Tesla is here to stay.... for good... and we all will be better for it.

carlk | 02. august 2014

"Hopefully, it will be an even better car than the MS."

Don't have any doubt of that from the way Tesla does things.

Boukman | 02. august 2014

By "even better car than the MS" I also meant to say a more "finished" car that would stop the naysayers and nitpickers from saying or finding a thing to say...I may be kidding myself because they will say something no matter what... but when a car has its power train replaced a number of times (Edmund's MS, even though I tend to think that car was pushed hard, plus it could also be an anomaly ) you open the door for all sort of criticism, warranted or not. Those of us who want to shake the status quo know very well that these are normal growing pains for a new company...but not everyone is not in that category and we do not want to loose those on the fence..( as much as we can).

NumberOne | 02. august 2014

Well, as Elon himself has said that the Tesla aims for the Model X to be a better SUV that the Model is a car. In other words, there will be no better SUV on the road when the Model X is released.

runonmd1 | 03. august 2014

Boukman, I don't understand "but not everyone is not in that category, and we do not want to loose those....."

I think you meant to say that not everyone is in that category," apart from your probably meaning "lose" as opposed to "loose."

Is that what you meant?



Brian H | 04. august 2014

The MX will make the Falcon9 look wimpy! | 04. august 2014

The old adage of "Do it slowly and do it right." does not apply to Tesla, I believe. Tesla is trying, so far successfully, to blast their way through a narrow opening in the automobile business. I think the management must be thinking on all fronts that they must "Do it fast and do it right." It's all about execution. I gleaned from the recent conference call that management is very confident about the superiority of the Model X design. The battery cell specifics are very sound for the time being with only incremental improvements needed to get the 30% cost reduction per unit of energy density. The gigafactory will be vital to the ramp up of the Model III. So this will not be a 2015 issue. The 2015 ramp up to a production rate of about 2000 vehicles a week by year end sounds like it is doable. They seem very confident about drive unit design and production reliability. Paint will be good. I feel like I have a good chance of getting my Model X before the end of next year and that it will be superior in every way. They didn't talk about software on the call. I hope that they clear up any doubts about security soon and keep building confidence in the quality of their software design and execution over the coming months. Infrastructure progress in terms of supercharging and service sounds good worldwide. I'm happy with company as an investment and am delighted at the prospect of seeing the real Model X later this year.

Boukman | 04. august 2014

@runonmd1,,, Sorry, you are right, it was supposed to be " not everyone is IN that category"... and not not "loose" but lose...Apologies for any confusion I may have caused but Tesla doesn't allow editing of posts and when I noticed the errors it was too late... Thanks for pointing them out.

ian | 05. august 2014

Boukman - If you haven't already, I would strongly encourage you to listen to the most recent quarter end conference call. Pay particularly close attention to when the topic of these powertrain replacements comes up and you will hear exactly what kind of quality this company is aiming for.

They even talk specifically about the Edmunds car being part of a group of these that the problem had nothing to do with the powertrain itself, but they were replacing them because that was the moast expedient way to get the car back to the customer. The problem itself with many of these buzzing noise reports was in fact a wire harness that was not even in the powertrain that would work it's way loose and vibrate against the outside. When the powertrain was replaced this harness would get tucked back up out of the way but would eventually work it's way loose. The problem has been solved with "a $3 cable tie".


Boukman | 06. august 2014

@Ian T... Thanks for the info. I will look into the conference call you mentioned. As I said, Tesla is a new car company( should I say Energy storage) but it is making many many many people nervous. Some are rooting for it to fail. I believe that Tesla is changing the car business as we know it and the world population will benefit from their work. My point was that in this fight, Tesla can't afford to make silly mistakes and it needs to make its cars "bullet proof" because no matter what, there will be shooting at whatever Tesla makes. If as you said those noise problems were solved with a $3 cable tie, I think that was an oversight from Tesla's engineering guys and it should not have happened in the first place. I am praying for Tesla to succeeds fantastically but it irks me when they allow such a fantastic product as the MS to have silly holes that people can poke at...The MX better not have any "hole" or I am writing Elon Musk

David N | 06. august 2014


"Apologies for any confusion I may have caused but Tesla doesn't allow editing of posts and when I noticed the errors it was too late.."

"edit" is in the upper left hand corner.

Brian H | 06. august 2014

David N;
That "Edit" works only for the original thread author, and only for the title and first entry/post.

Brian H | 07. august 2014

And Edmunds had 6 power trains replaced. Elon was explaining one of them, and a couple more were similarly trivial. But there were real issues with others, and he said he didn't want to minimize them, though he gave no details.

sofaguy | 10. august 2014

This was copied and pasted from Form 10-Q for TESLA MOTORS INC

Form 10-Q on 8-Aug-2014

Over view and Quarter Highlights

We design, develop, manufacture and sell high-performance fully electric vehicles and advanced electric vehicle powertrain components. We are currently producing and selling our second vehicle, the Model S sedan. Model S is a four door, five-passenger premium sedan that offers exceptional performance, functionality and attractive styling. The Model S inherited many of the electric powertrain innovations we introduced with our first vehicle, the Tesla Roadster. We commenced deliveries of Model S in June 2012 and have delivered 39,149 vehicles through June 30, 2014. Operational Alpha prototypes of Model X are now being driven to confirm design intent and we currently expect Beta prototypes to be on the road by the end of 2014. Development efforts are on track for production of Model X in the spring of 2015.

Se we probably won't see production deliveries before March?

Svenssons | 11. august 2014

The sales person I spoke to from Norway last week talked about mid-summer release for Model X Signature in Europe and a couple of months later for general production. She also said that this was very uncertain and not a promise. I guess USA will have the car some months earlier.

I have no problem waiting some months to get a great car without issues. I hope they delay release if they find some problem with the production but of course I hope more for no problems in production.