First Road Trip - BIG FAIL :(

First Road Trip - BIG FAIL :(

Picked up my Tesla Wednesday 6/12 and enjoyed a 3-day perfect honeymoon.....until yesterday.

On Friday, took the car out 130 miles away from home for a weekend getaway. On Saturday, a warning light flashed and directed me to pull over safely and restart the car (it basically stalled). After Tesla rebooted the system, the car was able to drive us back to our weekend destination safely. Started driving this morning and got the same message/problem.

Well, my Tesla is being towed back home as I write this from home (was able to borrow my sister's car to get back home). Tesla will pick up the car tomorrow and leave me with a Tesla loaner.

Deflated in Westchester NY.

Mike | 16. juni 2013


Did you post this on private?

mike | 16. juni 2013

Model S 60, panoramic glass roof, grey paint P12255

Private? Don't think so.


stsanford | 16. juni 2013

So sorry to hear... I'm a bit concerned, and getting more so. I'm a fellow NYer and am scheduled to pickup mine on this coming Saturday at 11. Between the trouble I'm getting from my finance company (due to their inexperience with the Tesla) and the recent failure reports, I'm wondering if these are signs that maybe I should wait for this brave new world until 2.0 so to speak...

JZ13 | 16. juni 2013

Getting a better S than yours while you car gets fixed is a big fail?????? What other car company on the planet will give you a top-of-the-line loaner while your car gets fixed? Every car breaks down, it's the experience that differentiates auto makers.

gasnomo | 16. juni 2013

Sorry to hear that Mike, I'm in westchester too, VIN 45xx...I'm sure Raphael et al will take care of least you got the MS loaner, White Plains only has one as i've been led to believe. Hopefully its an easy fix and not the 12V battery issue..

stevencoberly | 16. juni 2013

Oh, I'm so sorry Mike. I can imagine how down you must feel. I'm sure Tesla will take care of it and it's nice to have a free loaner, but it's not the same as driving YOUR car. Good luck, and keep us posted.

riceuguy | 16. juni 2013

@staanford, it is easy to get panicked by the problems on here, but those of us with trouble free driving rarely post to say "hey, still no problems!" The minor issues I have had after 2 months are nothing even remotely serious and pale in comparison to the sheer joy of owning this car!

GeekEV | 16. juni 2013

Hey, still no problems!

bradslee | 16. juni 2013

More than 6 mo ownership with "hey, still no problems!"

mike | 16. juni 2013

riceugy--very true, what you say. In fact, I didn't post in days 1-3 about how perfect the car was (especially when you keep discovering cool new things about it). No, I posted only when there was a big yucky SNAFU.

One bright spot is that, while I'm waiting for my Tesla to arrive back at my house, I'm able to see where it and the tow truck are via the Tesla app (location button).


hademarco | 16. juni 2013

We just had our first road trip from LA to Palm Desert ~150 miles door to door. No issues there or back. It's been a dream. Sorry of your experience Mike. Hope they find the issue and get your baby back to you soon.

negarholger | 16. juni 2013

Mike I know how you feel... very first road trip a stone out of nowhere broke the windshield. A MS loaner would have kept my spirit high, but no MS loaner at that time only the old puff-puff. But it got fixed and I'm just back from a 280 miles most enjoyable road trip.

Mark2131@CA-US | 16. juni 2013

10,000 miles... and "Hey, still no problems!"

Sudre_ | 16. juni 2013

Sorry to hear about your problem Mike. I am sure Tesla will get you up and running very soon.

I can understand stsanford concern. Before I got my car I kept reading the problems in the forums and worrying. Maybe the owners like myself who have had no issues at all should pick one day a month and all post a new topic each about how we have had no problems. I think then the soon to be owners will understand how reliable the car is when the forum becomes swamped with a hundred pages of good reports on that day.

hfcolvin | 16. juni 2013

Sorry Mike, that sucks. Tesla will make it right. Good times are ahead with your car and hopefully you can drive the hell out of a Performance loaner to make up for the disappointment.

mpottinger | 16. juni 2013

3,500 miles, no problems. . . .

NICE | 16. juni 2013

That Sucks! Sorry to hear that. This is an owners worst fear. I couldn't imagine what you're going through. I hope it didn't ruin your honeymoon?
Why did you have to tow it home and borrow your sisters car? I thought Tesla would have picked up your Model S and dropped off a loaner wherever you break down?
I wonder if this is another 60kW with 85kW configuration issue. Let us know what happens.

mike | 17. juni 2013

Well, this story just got uglier. I was just told by the White Plains service center that the loaner car was sold; they now tell me that they will arrange for an Enterprise rent a car instead of a beautiful Tesla.

Will keep you all posted--waiting for a tow to pick up my Tesla and bring it to service.


church70 | 17. juni 2013

10,000 kms , in 70 days and no problems

Christianjacques | 17. juni 2013


J.T. | 17. juni 2013

I would think if any of the staff at that center drive a Tesla they should hand it over and take the loaner from Enterprise. You might get your car back a lot quicker that way.

mike | 17. juni 2013


re: "Why did you have to tow it home and borrow your sisters car? I thought Tesla would have picked up your Model S and dropped off a loaner wherever you break down?"

Well it was Sunday and the nearest tow truck came from 130 miles away. The nearest Tesla Service center was probably 100 miles away. Not much doin on a Sunday with Tesla.


lavecchia | 17. juni 2013

new technology teething problems, most likely--consider the major manufacturing "recalls" you read about every week, so far none of them.
Being first and exclusivity always have a price- to me this seems like a small one for a great experience. RL

justineet | 17. juni 2013

#lavecchia...I agree...I think Tesla is doing great for their first go at mass auto-manufacturing. I know there have been some issues, such as the 12v battery and others related to firmware and hardware. Fortunately, with the quick loaner service owners are not greatly inconvenienced. But overall this first time experience will greatly aid Tesla. It will help them identify focus areas and strengthen their overall testing and validation systems. Consequently there will be much fewer issues in the future. And when issues crop up, they will be able to remedy it very efficiently due to the valuable experience they are gaining currently. Nevertheless we should all know that no matter how great a manufacturing company is, it's impossible to eliminate issues 100%, 100% of the time! Murphy law applies here...humans and objects will fail at some point...the trick is to strive to make it a rare occasion. That's what quality manufacturing companies strive to do......

machmike | 17. juni 2013

A co-worker just recieved his 40Kwh in red a few weeks ago. He had an issue which sounds much like this problem. A slight Shudder, then a stall. He was able to get it going periodically, drive short distances and then it would stop. When the tow truck arrived he was able to get it going againand get the last 5 miles back home.

He said Tesla service was exceptional and has since had no issues.

privacylaw | 17. juni 2013

Over 6 months ownership - no problems. Just drove 250 miles round trip - san jose to sacramento and back - no problems. Plugged in at my friends house on standard 110 for a couple hours while we bbq'd.

cybrown | 17. juni 2013

Just to clarify, does Tesla actually send a tow truck for free? I don't recall seeing that in the warranty or service agreement.

Mark Z | 17. juni 2013

Over 9,000 miles in 6 months. One service bulletin issue occurred at three months, repaired at the service center the next day. Tesla Motors learns what changes to make at the assembly line when repairing the occasional problem. The result is better quality for all owners.

When I recently reviewed 15 years of receipts for home costs, I saw all the repair and gasoline receipts for the ICE vehicles. Thank you IRS for reminding me of how expensive and problematic those ICE vehicles can be.

Heinz | 17. juni 2013

VIN 2345. 7500 miles. This is the best car I've ever owned. No problems.

Amagansett | 17. juni 2013

Vin 6517 white S85 picked up 3/16/2013 6600 miles no issues.A pleasure to own and drive. My leased BMWGT550 sits idly awaiting September return 4,000 under lease miles. Can't bring myself to use it in lieu of Model S!

cosmomusic | 17. juni 2013

Signature performance. Received 10/22/2012, 17,000 miles. As you see, lots of long road trips. Only problems thus far, are drivers pulling up close to take photos. Car is a dream. Handles better now that when I just got it. Oh, I did have a flat tire after 2 weeks.

mike | 17. juni 2013

Update on my situation:

The White Plains service center has picked up a loaner for me from the Queens service center. Will have it later. (No Enterprise sub:)

Also, encouraged by machmike's comment above (seems similar situation has been resolved).


P.S. itching to have my baby back. Yes, it is the greatest ride out there.

VEnUB | 17. juni 2013

Sig 127
10,500 miles

Mike hang in there. Sorry to hear about your breakdown. I know how it feels
to watch your cay get dragged onto a trailer.

No breakdowns? Does this count.

Had mine towed once. Took all of 5 Minutes for Tesla to diagnose and correct the problem.
A small stone had become trapped in between the brake disc and the heat shield.
Got a free car detailing.

I found months later that several reservation holders were aware of the very public towing experience.

Wonder if any cancelled as a result.

Very happy after 9 months.

mike | 18. juni 2013

OK. I was delivered a Tesla loaner last night. They fixed the problem (faulty drive 'unit/rack/turbines' between rear wheels. Seen before. The unit and all software history will be DEEPLY analyzed in CA). My car will be returned after testing this morning.

Thanks for being around and your comments, everyone.


mike | 18. juni 2013

Was just informed that the 'drive train unit' is going to be replaced.


BillPlanoTexas | 18. juni 2013

vin 52xx, received Feb, over 6k miles with no problems

vouteb | 18. juni 2013

I'm not sure those 'VIN, no problem' postings add value to theis thread (or Mike)....


vouteb | 18. juni 2013 this thread..


Vicelike | 18. juni 2013

From your description, sounds like you got some water in your fuel tank.

No wait....

I mean your battery ;)

I know I am testing limits of my karma with this post. Hope they find the real problem and fix it fast. Please keep us informed.

GLO | 18. juni 2013

Hey, still no problems...So sorry to hear about yours! 7500 miles and going strong...

KendallPB | 18. juni 2013

VIN 48xx, 4+ months, 6000+ miles, nothing unusual to report--just a Tesla Grin. :-D No cure for it....

Sorry for your trouble, Mike.

deaton52 | 18. juni 2013

VIN Sig 349 - over 7 months and 10,500 miles, and loving every one. Took it in a week or so ago to have the tires rotated, and got back a 3 page listing of updates that were installed, including all new floor matts because the others 'seemed cheap'. Total cost: $0.00. In contrast, took my ICE 2006 Honda Pilot in for a 100,000 mile routine maintenance - no problems, except a bill for $2,500. Tesla just keeps getting better and better!

trydesky | 18. juni 2013

5K miles, and "Hey, still no problems!"

mike | 21. juni 2013

End of story: I've had my Tesla back for 2 days and it is driving like a DREAM.


mike | 21. juni 2013

BTW, Tesla, feel free to edit the Title of this message thread! I suggest:

"First Road Trip: Great, not so great, GREAT again!"


herkimer | 21. juni 2013

Mike: glad to hear that Tesla did right by your car and you are on the road again, driving the dream. By the way, you can edit the title of your own thread. When you enter the thread, look in the far left corner at the top of the page. You will see a little white box, with red letters. It says View or Edit. Click edit and you can change the title or the content of your own post. Can't do it with others, but if you are the original poster, you have this edit function. Good luck and enjoy your beautiful car!

eadolphe | 21. juni 2013

Just under 12,000 Miles (six months) and no problems. My wife on the other had got brand spanking new Audi Q7, the day it arrived the Check Engine Light turned on. The care has been in the shop three times since we got it < 2,000 miles. This is in no way intended to minimize Mike's troubles, just to illustrate that every manufacturer will have some bumps and bruises. However, for a start-up/first model year, the lower frequency of Model S problems is rather extraordinary.

Robs Jones | 21. juni 2013

Mike, sorry to hear about your trouble, but have faith and consider it a one-off glitch.

I'm on an extended road trip around the U.S. in a 60kw - already passing 12k miles.

So far, my road trip is a Great Success. The car is a dream on long drives, without any real problems.

Good luck!!