Floor Mat Preferences - Color, Regular or Berber

Floor Mat Preferences - Color, Regular or Berber

Having found that the silver leather interior (silver paint color)actually has black carpet and not silver as anticipated, the grey colored mats I ordered stick out more than expected. Has anyone tried the berber, in either black or light / dark grey?? I am not sure the benefits of berber vs regular pile mats.


DTsea | 19. april 2013

I got the Lloyds berber floormats in black. They are actually black with grey speckles, which hide dirt somewhat. I really like them.

bsimoes | 19. april 2013

I had ordered the beige berber, and they do stick out more than I would like. I had forgotten that the floor was black and was only thinking of the beige leather. That will teach me to try to be proactive on things...

pencil2man | 20. april 2013

if you bought your mats from autoanything, check with them about return/exchange. They have a very reasonable policy.

Zoyadb | 20. april 2013

Dumb question probably, but can someone tell me how to turn the radio off? I have only been able to mute it! Thanks.