Folding Bicycle for Frunk?

Folding Bicycle for Frunk?

Anyone have a recommendation for the model/make of folding bicycle that will fit in the frunk?

stuberman | 01. oktober 2013

I keep my Brompton there!

bnwdon | 01. oktober 2013

Hi Rob,
Check this website,
The owner has a Tesla and he makes an electric bike that folds in the front truck of his Model S. Happen to see it this weekend during National Plug In.

Safe driving

robkal007 | 01. oktober 2013

Thanks for the suggestions. Also looking at the Dahon Speed Uno for simplicity.

eddiemoy | 01. oktober 2013

yikebike or brompton

George with SacEV | 01. oktober 2013

NOTHING beats a Bike Friday. I have been through everything from Dahons to the German Birdy, but the Bike Friday is quick to fold/unfold, has quality components AND rides better than anything else that folds.

It is NOT cheap, but not any more than a Brompton.

MNGreene | 01. oktober 2013

Is the bike to travel in from the farthest part of the parking lot? I hear you. I park there too so I don't get dinged.

Brian H | 02. oktober 2013

No, it's for whenever you want even more fresh air than the pano can provide. :D