Front Doors on Model X

Front Doors on Model X

I apologize if this has been discussed previously. In a tight squeeze, as demonstrated by Elon at the Sept 29 event, the rear falcon wing doors will obviously allow the passengers to enter the second row. But what about the driver and front seat passenger? Since the front doors are conventional, and could not be opened, is it easy enough for the driver to enter the Model X via the FWD and then maneuver into the driver's seat? | 02. oktober 2015

To get from the 2nd row to the driver's seat would be difficult, but no more than any other car/suv. You'd have to climb through the center where the pedestal is. Not very easy.

FWD = Front Wheel Drive. We should use FD for Falcon wing Doors to avoid confusion.

jordanrichard | 02. oktober 2015

It has been discussed previously. With that said, that demonstration was to show that the falcon doors will still be able to open, in just about any situation. Most people see these doors and think they won't be able them when in a parking space. So they gave an extreme example of close parking and demonstrated very well, that it won't be an issue.