front passenger seat frame bolted to car frame too posteriorly?

front passenger seat frame bolted to car frame too posteriorly?

At least 3 to 4 inches more posteriorly than the driver's seat...Therefore, my newly purchased Tesla backseat floor mat does not fit. There is a groove in the floor mat which wraps around the inner seat frame but the groove on the passenger side is not deep enough because of the very posterior seat frame. Anyone else have the same problem?

GeekEV | 24. mars 2013

I had a similar issue with my Lloyd mats. I don't know if it was 3 or 4 inches, but it seemed like it wouldn't fit. I found that with some finagling and careful tucking the mats would indeed fit just fine.

rterry | 24. mars 2013

No amount of finagling or careful tucking will fix this problem. It seems the passenger seat was bolted down without any regard to lining up with the driver's seat.

elguapo | 24. mars 2013

@rterry - May I ask what brand of mat you bought? I know this is all discussed on other threads, but if there's an issue with a particular brand, I want to avoid it.

rterry | 24. mars 2013

This is Tesla's own new backseat mat which has been on backorder. I don't think it is the mat. I think it is my car.

GeekEV | 24. mars 2013

@rterry - Your might well be off whack. Take it to service and see what they have to say.

rterry | 24. mars 2013

@Geek EV- will talk with service tomorrow.

olanmills | 24. mars 2013


I came into the thread just for that.


gorsak | 24. mars 2013

Move the seat forward and it should fit . I had the same problem at first but realised the the track moves.

Brian H | 24. mars 2013

Politer than many alternatives.

Robert22 | 24. mars 2013

Avoid the draft aft.

olanmills | 24. mars 2013

lol I'm surprised I never heard that before

dborn | 25. mars 2013

Posteriorly, a medical usage.

rterry | 25. mars 2013

yes, physician here...

olanmills | 25. mars 2013

I didn't bother looking up whether the word was "officially" real or not. I had preferred not to know. Now the mystery is ruined.

Mike C | 25. mars 2013

Could have said "caudal" to confuse people even more.

As far as the OP, my Tesla rear mats fit fine and I have not noticed any asymmetry between the two front seats.

Brian H | 25. mars 2013

The opposite of "anteriorally".

rterry | 26. mars 2013

Thanks gorsak...that solved the simple...

GeekEV | 26. mars 2013

That explains why my "tucking" worked for me then. If the tracks move there must be a small gap under them. I didn't know that either!

Brian H | 26. mars 2013

All seats are posterior to the posteriors that fill them.