Gas station musings

Gas station musings

I was at my normal weekly visit to the gas station when it occured to me how much I'll miss it...

How am I now going to clean my windshield? Do all new teslas come with squeegees?

What about bad (but quick) coffee, candy bars my kids don't really need, 3 day old hot dogs. Wistful reminiscing.

Anyone else going to miss their local gas station?

My windshield will definitely be dirtier....


Mycroft | 27. januar 2012

It rains in the northwest too much to worry about dirty windshields. In fact, very few gas stations have squeegees. I never buy anything from the quickie-mart unless we're on a long road trip. So no, I'm not going to miss the gas station in the slightest!

stephen.kamichik | 27. januar 2012

I shall miss the gas stations as much as a dog misses fleas.

Teoatawki | 27. januar 2012

I'm not going to miss it even a little bit! As for cleaning you windshield, that's what kids are for.

Think how much you'll miss cleaning out candy bar and hot dog wrappers from under the seats.

Liz G | 27. januar 2012

I'll just put a bottle of windex, roll of paper towel, and a squeegee in my Frunk.

petero | 27. januar 2012

Yes and No.

I will not miss the gas station when it comes to our “S.” Unfortunately, I will always own at least two ICE cars ( a Subaru Legacy for long distance and my venerable, Alfa Romeo Spider) so I still have to visit the gas station.

jbunn | 27. januar 2012

I'm going to miss the quick lube place where they check my tires, and top off my windshield wiper fluid.

I might go through and let them try to find the dipstick. Or the engine for that matter. This could be fun.

David M. | 27. januar 2012

I'm selling 3 ICE cars to acquire the Model S. Two of which require premium gas. The only ICE car that will remain with us is a small SUV that we will use for long road trips (wife's car).

petero | 27. januar 2012

David M. How sure are you that the small SUV won't be your car? The "S" was my car until Fremont... and as Poe's raven said, "never more!"

David M. | 27. januar 2012

@petero - Ha, Ha.
And THAT'S why I told my wife that she didn't need to come with me to Fremont! One step ahead of you . .

Crow | 27. januar 2012

I am going to love going to the station to fill up on air, wash the windshield and then drive away. The air is free at the one near my house so that will doubly sweet.

Mycroft | 27. januar 2012

I have a compressor in my garage, so I don't even have to stop at the gas station to fill up my tires! Woo hoo!

jd3tm | 27. januar 2012

Believe it or not, the aspect of the gas station I will miss the most will be my ability to pick up Megamillions lottery tickets! Currently, I end up having to get gas on the day before some decent sized lottery jackpot and ALWAYS grab a couple quick-picks while fueling.

No more! I guess I will just have to find another routine to get my lottery fix...oh well!

gagliardilou | 27. januar 2012

will miss it like a bad headache

Robert.Boston | 27. januar 2012

@jd3tm: recent legal rulings open the path to allow your state to sell lottery tickets to its residents online. One fewer reason to go to the gas station!

Discoducky | 27. januar 2012

With tire pressure monitoring and RainX you can bulldose'em all.

phb | 27. januar 2012

I, too, am worried that SWMBO will decide that she should be the one driving the Model S. She is the one running around all day running errands.

Oh, and to stay OT, no, I won't miss gas stations, at all. And I don't even have to get out and pump my own gas (not legal in Oregon).

David den Boer | 28. januar 2012

Instead of stopping at your local gas station, you can start getting used to stopping at your SuperCharger stations! I for one am going to be eating a lot of tri-tip sandwiches at Harris Ranch whenever driving any distance south on I-5.

Nick Kordich | 28. januar 2012

@Robert.Boston: the online lottery ticket purchase option might also be applicable to the "most wanted apps" thread. Tesla probably won't be adding a printer for your tickets (it could go in the center console), but the 17" touchscreen would let you play scratchers. :)

TikiMan | 28. januar 2012

I am looking forward to skipping the gas station, and making the short trip to one of my favorite places on the planet to park, and 'charge up'!...

Brian H | 28. januar 2012

How many will honk your horns derisively every time you pass one?