Get your WINK ;-) on

Get your WINK ;-) on

I am a midnight-blue P85, cruising up 92 W at 5:30 Sunday PDT, just past the El Camino north exit, when low and that a black MS coming east? And then I see the her left eye ;-) ;-).

I said to my husband, OMG, that Tesla just winked at me!

So I have now decided to start a trend. I told my husband, when I see another sister, I'll say "wink, wink", and he will perform.

Whaddya say MS owners, "join in the Wink Revolution".

Still Grinning ;-)

BYT | 10. mars 2013

So we just double wink? I think this requires YouTube Video Tutorials... ;) ;)

RanjitC | 10. mars 2013

How do you make a MS wink? | 10. mars 2013

Turn signal 1x ?

smd | 10. mars 2013

Using the turn signal does cause the LED DRL around that amber turn signal to dim down while the turn signal is on, so that would work as a "wink!"

Captain_Zap | 11. mars 2013

I tried to "wink" at another Model S today but I am getting a triple flash out of the turn signal.

Is there another way to get a single flash out of it so that I don't confuse other cars with my turn signal?

Shesmyne2 | 11. mars 2013

Manual hold the turn signal-see one wink and let go, or two if you like ;) ;) it's a flash second-I wouldn't worry about those other common cars.

Hills | 11. mars 2013

How about this? Push the triangle hazard button quickly twice in succession, all four lights will flash or "wink" once. If the second "push" is about one second later, all four lights flash twice.

Captain_Zap | 13. mars 2013

Thanks. I'll give it a try.

dayoreo | 18. mars 2013

Got a triple Wink from a Red Model s today.

cpetrush | 18. mars 2013

You can get a single wink by pushing turn signal down and immediately back up. Practice in the garage ,)

cgiGuy | 18. mars 2013

Only works if you're running DRLs though...

at 3:12 he turns on DRLs.

BTW- Those who don't have your car, yet.. if you haven't already, check out the rest of Ben's videos. Impressive library of high-quality vids on almost every aspect of the MS.

Captain_Zap | 18. mars 2013

Maybe I was winking at you, cgiGuy.
I have a twin running around my neighborhood.