Glitches and Problems

Glitches and Problems

Now that a lot of deliveries ahve been made, there appears to be numerous threads with some sort of problem or another with the Model S. I am starting this thread in an attempt to consolidate these issues for owners. Please list your issues as briefly and succinctly as possible. Thanks!

jat | 16. januar 2013

I haven't had many issues. My list in 1.5 weeks:
- rebooted once when turn signal clicks and center console temperature display went away; hasn't repeated
- Slacker has occasionally gotten into a state where the next song starts in pause and I have to hit play. Didn't immediately repeat after turning the car off.
- Today, when I got out of the car all the door handles *except* the driver's door were extended. After closing it, pressed on the handle and it extended; didn't repeat

That's really it. I see what people complain about with the wiper fluid being low, but I think it is perfectly fine as is because the wipers spread it. I haven't had any issues with doors not closing or opening on their own, static when the ambient lights are on, accelerating over 80kW, etc. I have never had the charge port stick or not open (though I had to get to used to unlocking the car before trying to pull it out, as I didn't have to do that on my LEAF).

Overall, there have been far fewer glitches than I expected (thanks to all the Signature owners for being the alpha testers!), and I am blissfully happy with the car.

I'm about to head out on my first all-electric road trip, so I hope it remains that way :).

Rodloew | 16. januar 2013

I posted last night, but want to make sure this is seen. After 3.5 weeks with the car I'd turn it in if someone Tesla bought it back from me.
Some of my issues are software, some are hardware, and some of them are Tesla carelessness:
1. NAV stuck on picture of Palo Alto
2. HD radio stinks - never seems to keep a signal
3. Trim on drivers' side doors is out of alignment (new trim pieces ordered)
4. Driver's door would open when passenger front door was opened
5. Driver's side door handle now not working. I get to climb into my car from the passenger side to open it (looks pretty cool in a parking lot in an $85k car)
6. Botched paint job on front hood (this is inexcusable, and I don't know how they will fix this). The hood crease has scratches and I can see where the pain was not applied evenly

Fun car to drive, but it doesn't make up for what I think will be a long and painful ownership experience.

ericlin | 16. januar 2013

Here is my list of items I will talk to the Fremont service center in the coming week.

- Both driver side door handles extends and retracts but will not open the door, one went out on the first day of delivery and the other the next day (LED light no longer comes on)
- Two tries to open the sunroof on screen
- Metal pieces rattling somewhere inside the dash when the car reaches a particular speed (usually 40+ MPH)

Just complaining out loud:
- car like this should come with full floor mats, no?
- no center console storage. I want a place to hide my iPad mini and iPod other then the tiny glove box...

Hopefully these will all be quick and easy fixes. Other than that, LOVE THE CAR!!!

Brian H | 16. januar 2013

Side comment here on that washer fluid. If you're in a real winter environment, it would be best to replace the fluid with a local low temp product. Californians really have no clue; even the 'winterized' stuff they now include is pretty wimpy, apparently.

bbmertz | 17. januar 2013

@BrianH, washer fluid designed for temps below 32 degrees is outlawed in CA, presumably for environmental reasons.

@RodLoew, sorry to hear about all of the problems you are experiencing. Let me know if/when they find a fix for your frozen navigation screen, since mine froze at the LA service center so my GPS permanently assumes that I am in Santa Monica. To date, they have not found a fix for me, since performing a screen reboot and hard reset had no effect. Unfortunately my XM antenna does not work either and I still don't have an ETA on the fix. Aside from these two main glitches, I still love the MS!

Brian H | 17. januar 2013

You must be getting pretty bored with driving around Santa Monica by now ...

mark_g | 17. januar 2013

bbmertz: I had the same GPS problem, my MS thought it never left the factory(also tried the display reboot and hard reboot with no effect). The problem was simply that the GPS antenna (there are two, one for Garmin) was not properly grounded. It took the service center 10 minutes to fix.

Timo | 18. januar 2013

@bbmertz washer fluid designed for temps below 32 degrees is outlawed in CA, presumably for environmental reasons.

That's stupid law. Pretty much any soap added to the water would lower its freezing point below 32F or 0C. Add ethanol and it will be liquid in quite a lot colder (depending the ratio of water/alcohol). Ethanol is about as environment friendly substance as possible, road salt is way worse for environment.

Basically that law would mean that you can only use tap water as washer fluid.

vouteb | 18. januar 2013

I would hate that the car won t start when you have a plane to catch

This car needs to be more reliable, has nothing to do with 'love'....

bbmertz | 18. januar 2013

@mferrazano: Thanks so much for the potential fix to my frozen nav GPS!! I will contact the LA service center today to ask them to look at the grounding of the GPS antenna. Perhaps it is a similar issue causing my XM antenna to not work and my AM/FM radio to have poor reception if all these antennas are in the same location.

Everyone reading these forums should not overreact to the glitches listed here. A few issues are to be expected as an early adopter of such an innovative new car and most will be fixed via future software updates. Perhaps we should create a thread for MS owners experiencing no or very few problems in order to create a more balanced perspective. :)

bbmertz | 18. januar 2013

@Timo: They don't use salt in CA either; only sand on the roads and required chains on our tires in the mountains when it's snowing. We can't really complain much about ice and snow here in CA...

mark_g | 18. januar 2013

bbmertz: likely all of your RF reception problems are related to antenna grounding or other simple fixes. I believe there are a total of 3 antennae in the MS, two are related to GPS (one is Garmin, the other GPS). Fixing my GPS problem fixed ALL RF issues

anpahwa | 18. januar 2013

I've had similar issues as previously described:

1) FM reception is crap
2) Air leak with the passenger side window
3) Sunroof takes two attempts to open
4) Speaker rattles at mid tones around the driver side kick panel (I seem to be the only one complaining about this...??)

@KevinE, regarding the air leak -- I've managed an easy fix to this by manually adjusting the window (for some reason the "fully closed" position leaves a leak, but if you push the button down for a second, it actually forms a seal). Additionally, I've read other reports that this is something the service center can adjust and correct.

Otherwise, I'm perfectly happy. Approaching a month, 1200 miles so far.

lajollan | 21. januar 2013

Has the latest v4.2 software update resolved any of these issues mentioned here? Has it caused any problems?

nickjhowe | 21. januar 2013

Others have reported 4.2 fixes the sunroof problem. I've had 4.2 for a few days an no issues so far.

KevinE | 29. januar 2013

@anpahwa, thanks for the tip! Called Tesla Service and they will fix it during my next visit.

louis.melancon | 29. januar 2013

Anyone having issues with the USB ports? Mine charge just fine, but devices are not being recognized.

SYontz | 23. mars 2013

I just received my car today. I have to say the car is Awesome on the road. Handles well and is very quick getting to the speed limit. I am also impressed with the regen while braking. I do have some issues and gripes.

Issues. The rear trunk light will not shut off.
The wiper when tested didn't go down all the way. I will call Tesla and see if i can get these working properly.

Gripes. The Maps if you don't buy the tech package do not allow you to get directions. They will show the roads but you cannot use the google maps for route planning. Very big mistake. Even my phone can do this with google maps. Wish this would get corrected soon.
Next grip is there are no rear cup holders and none along the driver and passenger doors. In stead they put the cupholders where your arm should go. I don't think that was very well thought through, or perhaps they didn't try using the car with other people in it. I would agree that it caters to the driver in all other areas. I am still happy to own it I just wish the car was perfect in every way.


fred z | 14. august 2014

For what it's worth.....I do not believe that keeping these threads private is a proper perspective. New or future owners should be alerted to issues.... As they can better prepare newbies for what MIGHT occur or to better accep same until updates. It is truly better for TMC to have upcoming owners understand what can be expected. And....that there are pretty reliable fixes as well. Keeping private just starts a whole new line of frustration that would otherwise be understood.
Fred z

Captain_Zap | 14. august 2014

The above issues are very old. This thread was created when the first cars were delivered a year and a half ago. Problems resolved, features added.

Most posts are public.

Captain_Zap | 14. august 2014

P.S. Tesla is VERY responsive!