Good press for Tesla

Good press for Tesla

A tech columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, Chris O'Brien, posted his New Year's Top 10 Tech Predictions on the front page of today's paper.

Number 3 was on Tesla:
Tesla: The company will deliver its much anticipated Model S in 2012 on time, sparking hopes that the electric car will enter the mainstream. In my book, Tesla is simply the most dramatic tale unfolding in Silicon Valley. Big personalities like co-founder Elon Musk betting big money on a big idea. I can't help but root for them. They will indeed deliver the promised car, and its limited number will sell out.
But it won't generate enough heat to create a larger market for electric cars, something that's probably still years away.

The countdown begins!!


Volker.Berlin | 26. januar 2012

The article on CA's EV rules is good, but it doesn't kick in until 2018 so the impact for Tesla is way, way, down the road. (ckessel)

The impact on TSLA stock was immediate. But then again, who knows what really was driving the stock price today...

petero | 27. januar 2012

I am more than surprised on how little press Tesla Motors has received. If weren’t for The October Special Event, the San Jose Mercury, and two TM executives resigning there would be NO news (not counting financial info and stock analyst recommendations). It is hard to find anything current on Tesla, well not counting the 110-220 volts to charge up a roadster.

Do you realize the next news we will see-read about is on February 10th regarding the “X” unveiling. I can understand TM not allowing The Press to drive pre-production prototypes until they are ready. But for Pete’s sake, on the TM website, share the love, some videos, and the info of what is happening and how things are going.

Brian H | 28. januar 2012

They don't dare! As soon as any info or pix are exposed, there's a frenzy of demands to change about 20% of the (actual or presumed) specs and details!!


petero | 28. januar 2012

Brian H. You are right. We have made TM’s life hell by our Tesla and EV obsession. I know it is too late to change anything with production to commence in July (or earlier).

Sorry TM, we love the car you have created. I’m sure many of look at the “S” as one of our children. We love it, want it to be perfect, and we want everyone to love it too. Thank you.