guided tour

guided tour

Does someone know how to get a guided tour through the headquarters from Tesla Motors in Palo Alto? It´s about a group of 15-20 people and the date will probably be in spring 2012. Would be very nice if someone could let me know the contact person for my issue.

thanks in anticipation

Mark Petersen | 20. november 2010

have you tried to contact tesla

N.Lubda | 23. november 2010

It´s a bit difficult because I´m from an advertising company in Germany and because of the time shift of 9 hours it´s hard to get somebody on the phone. I wanted to write an email but can´t find an adresse for my issue. I also talked to somebody from Tesla Motors in Munich but he told me to contact Cali directly. If anybody could give me an email adresse to contact would be great...

Kevin Sharpe | 24. november 2010

why don't you contact your local store? they will be able to help I'm sure.

Georg | 24. november 2010

Your contact at the Munich store should direct you to the proper email/contact in California.

SteveU | 24. november 2010

Well, if you go to the About Tesla->Contact on the US version of the website you get the Email address for "General North American Inquiries." You could try that....

N.Lubda | 26. november 2010

Thanks to all of you for answering. I already wrote an email to that reservation adress but nodody replies. I´ll try to contact that man from the Munich store again.

Thank you!

Rrroger | 08. desember 2010

You are right. They do not have a spare minute, or extra person to respond right now. They are so focused in the developement of the product, that it will take awhile to develope the company!

I called the Tesla official website phone number: (650)681-xxxx several times to get more specific information on apparell.

The voice mail picks up, but no call back for 4 days.

I don't blame them. I will get the info another time from a local dealer.

They just need to get the Model S delivery ahead of schedule!!!

Samuel H. | 10. desember 2010

They respond very promptly to emails. I emailed them for more info and they responded within the day.

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