Have deliveries stalled?

Have deliveries stalled?

It seems that the initial flurry of delivery activity has paused. I think that QC and maybe even some design issues have been identified with the first Sig deliveries, so Tesla put the brakes on the ramp up. What does this mean? More hurry up and wait. Must... Have... Patience.

dortor | 29. januar 2016

the answer is either

Yes - it obvious - Tesla can't actually make this SUV


No - they are raging forward and a phenomenal pace and people are so happy with their cars and there are no problems with the door's what so ever...

one of those statements is true and obvious - the other is made up hogwash.

AlMc | 29. januar 2016

They have not stalled...they have hit some speed bumps.

socalsam | 29. januar 2016

Have they stalled on a speed bump? Hmmmm

AlMc | 29. januar 2016

@Socalsam: Impossible: The titanium shield would only allow the X to be slowed down by the bump..not stopped!

socalsam | 29. januar 2016

While I understand dortors pessimism and I am a critical fan of tesla, my feeling is whatever bugs they have found- door sensors, car seals, crappy seats, all will be resolved and tesla will be delivering 1500-2000/ month soon.

If you go to the X page and order a car, it says estimate delivery is late 2016. We all know what they mean with estimates, but that means that they have to get through a 30k backlog of cars to be able to put that up on the order page. I'm hopefully full launch is right around the corner albiet 5 months late after being 2 years late.

AlMc | 29. januar 2016

@socalsam: Here is optimism: Each day you all wait is one day closer to your delivery date.

Squash.ball | 29. januar 2016

It is stalled. I'm sig 8xx. Was first told delivery 4q - could be late November. Then definitely by year end for all Sigs. Then first half of January. Then car in qc, anytime now (2 weeks ago). Now. - no update. Whatever issue they have, it is serious.


Ankit Mishra | 29. januar 2016

They found some issues in the initial cars. No use keeping on making deliveries without dealing with those problems. Don't worry. They will be back soon and then there will be no more same problems. Some new problems might still be there, but that's how you make progress. One step at a time.

socalsam | 29. januar 2016

They are going to look seriously bad at the next conference call.

AlMc | 29. januar 2016

@socalsam: As an investor, like many people here, it will be interesting how much information we get about the *possible delay in ramp* and how hard TM management team is pressed on that issue by the analysts.

I doubt we will get specifics..but it would be interesting to know what issues are causing any ramp problems.

Initially I was convinced they would be able to report 'all sigs delivered by the CC. I am not so sure now. It was a poorly kept secret that the initial internal plan was to have all the Sigs delivered by Dec 31st.

socalsam | 29. januar 2016

Agree with you. As I've stated before, they have gotten a pass at previous calls with no one pressing them on the repeated delays. Not sure if excuses will fly. Stock is going to tank unless they don't age to report January deliveries. From the sound of it, probably less than 10 cars got delivered in January.

Squash.ball | 29. januar 2016

@MrMishra- agreed but the key point is that they have no clue when these will be solved. And, Possibly, 'how' these will solved. Make whatever of it as a buyer or a fan or an investor.

evlnte | 29. januar 2016

Seems to me like it is parts. Falcon doors possibly. But I think they'll still build the majority of the vehicles and pile them up in a corner till the parts arrive. That's me wishing on a star.

Eracer | 29. januar 2016

I don't get this thread. Everybody can see at modelxtracker a constant flow of deliveries reported. Even sig res # 1345 was delivered 10 days ago. So why do you think deliveries have stalled?

AlMc | 29. januar 2016
Eracer | 29. januar 2016

OK, but still, on modelxtracker, 7 out of 200 something deliveries have been reported in 2015.
20 have been reported this year which could be around 600 model X deliveries in 2016 yet, isn't it?

madodel | 29. januar 2016

I was told by my DS yesterday that he has personally delivered 5 X's so far out of Springfield NJ. Mine is to be ready sometime next week. They are applying firmware updates for the seats and doors and there was a wait on parts for the doors. They won't release new X's until they are updated to these latest fixes are in place. No point in delivering a car that has to go back for service a few days later. As bad as I want my X, I told him I wanted it perfect. SO they are building X's, but there is a hold up on applying these latest fixes and then checking that everything is working.

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bscater | 29. januar 2016

The whole process is ridiculous. You can get absolutely no information out of anybody that represent Tesla. My initial number is 15,750 if you ask any one from Tesla they can not give you any information on when I can expect a Vin number or approximate date of when I might receive the car. It is no wonder the stock is falling off the cliff. I have never dealt with a company that provides customers so little information. I know of no other company that could survive with this type of response to reasonable questions. At some point they are going to have to be more responsive otherwise I can't see the company surviving. Maybe there are enough potential customers that just will wait and wait to get what they think is a very special car. I can't believe that will last forever

socalsam | 29. januar 2016

It won't last forever. Things need to change soon.

Jerry Cheng | 29. januar 2016

Called tesla today they said 90d won't start till june

eric.zucker | 30. januar 2016

Tesla is very compartmentalized. Publicly traded companies must carefully communicate, so the policy is to reveal as little as possible. European sales know nothing more than we do from the web. So far.

Depending on who you speak with, you may get speculation, hearsay, estimates, wild-ass-guesses, anything but hard facts because those who know can't tell.

And even those who do know, know the plan, not the unforeseen hurdles.

Once production becomes less chaotic, steady or growing numbers with consistent quality, then it makes sense to give timing estimates.

The late 2016 info is definitely not updated real-time, it's a general indication. Wishful thinking maybe.

ottoni | 30. januar 2016

Things seem to be moving, although not as fast as we wish. I got a call from my DS yesterday and I'll be picking up my Sig MX (VIN 3xx) at the factory next week. Based on what my DS told me in December, I suspect the car was produced a month ago and was going through QC and fixes since then. Hopefully all the issues are sorted out now...

Ankit Mishra | 30. januar 2016

Model X is going to win much more accolades than what S did.

speyerj | 30. januar 2016

Yeesh Ankit...I thought you were just a huge optomist, but I'm starting to wonder if you're trolling folks by being just as happy as vperl is grumpy.

Ankit Mishra | 30. januar 2016

No, no. Just check out the above comment by @socalsam. I found comments like this extremely irrational. They are made in a way to sound like they absolute. Now, I can respond to them with equal close mindness and create negativity in the forum. But I don't like doing that. There are enough problems in the world and I don't want to add to them.
So, when I read ridiculous comments posted by people, I just post a extremely positive comment about Tesla (a genuine comment that I believe in). I don't like walking away from ridiculous, close minded comments made in an absolute way. Hope it clears my intentions.

Ankit Mishra | 30. januar 2016

I shouldn't have named the person whose comment I found irrational. These are the kind of mistakes I try to prevent by posting a random positive comment.

jpboyerva | 30. januar 2016

It is disappointing Squash Ball to hear your Sig still not delivered. Still, better to get it with the problems worked out rather than otherwise I guess. At some point this has to negatively effect orders for next year.

AlMc | 30. januar 2016

I believe the estimate of 10 cars delivered in January is very low.

However, until we see another flurry of deliveries from the many people posting that they have had their delivery dates pushed back I think it is very fair to conclude that deliveries have slowed a great deal and that this is due to some hardware/firmware problems that *probably* should have been dealt with during the extended delays in launch versus after the launch.

What is a great deal? None of us can answer that question.

carlk | 30. januar 2016

"Investors" micromanaging a company does no one any good. I seriously doubt any of the detractors know what's going on inside the company and what they are doing now. It's not like Tesla does not want to produce and sell as many high quality cars as possible or it is trying to screw people who are waiting for the delivery. As an investor I totally trust Tesla is doing the best for the long term good of the company and I wouldn't invest in the company if I don't believe they have the ability to do so. I don't mind if the stock goes down to $20 if they need to take the step so to be successful in the long term.

What "investors" like socalsam is doing is what gave Wall Street the bad name. That's also why many companies want to go private when they could. I hope Tesla would not do it since I want to remain an investor for a long time. That said socalsam could be smarter than I thought if he is a short investor.

As an owner of Tesla car(s) I also want the company to prosper and continue to produce awesome cars. It would be much harder to enjoy life without it.

Ankit Mishra | 30. januar 2016

I apologize if I am responsible for starting a flame war by taking someone's name. It was a mistake.

AlMc | 30. januar 2016

@Ankit: No worries. Everyone is frustrated and just would like to see TM succeed and get a perfected model X out into owner's hands.

dortor | 30. januar 2016

I wish Tesla to succeed.

carlk | 30. januar 2016

Yes we all like Tesla to succeed but some of the things we did or said could have the opposite effect which does not do us, whether an owner or an investor, any good. Knowing what kind of person Elon is he does not need anyone to tell him to work the hardest and to get the most done.

socalsam | 30. januar 2016

I'm now an investor? I thought I was a model s owner and a model X reservation holder? You fanboys crack me up.

socalsam | 30. januar 2016

Hey Carl- I don't own a single piece of tesla stock- long or short. Apparently you have no clue what you are talking about. You and Baghdad Bob keep enjoying the wait. I'm sure we will all get our cars in 2017 sometime..

Darryl | 12. februar 2016

In the last week deliveries have really started to pick up. You have to take into account less than 10% of Model X buyers post to this forum.

vperl | 12. februar 2016

When 500 a month are in owners hands, then twice that number a month ..deliveries are picking up. Till then, the 25k backlog is stagnant.

Take a knap.

MyXinTx | 17. februar 2016

It's one thing for Tesla to hold a reservation deposit that is fully refundable for months to years, so anyone who grows tired of waiting can easily back out and get refunded.... but now they "own" our $5K deposits after we confirmed our order....just don't feel very fair considering all current delays and potential future ones...

When I made my reservation early last year I was told by a TM Gallery person to anticipate delivery by spring '16, now I just hope I get it before this Xmas...

Yes I know...wahhhhhh...get in line behind all the others crying wahhhhh....I do appreciate the glitches being worked out

vperl | 18. februar 2016

I understand Tesla is selling a pillow in their store, and yes they have blanket

elguapo | 18. februar 2016

@vperl But I need a stuffed Model X to hold as I cry myself to sleep in my mahogany covered library with many leather bound books.

Red Sage ca us | 18. februar 2016

Mahogany? OK, I guess... I'm a bit more partial to Cherry... To each his own. Silver spoons, brandy snifters, and satin pipe cleaners all around!

vperl | 18. februar 2016

My cats are good enough for me.

Hot, fuzzy, and they like me.

AlMc | 18. februar 2016

But do they like riding in the Kia @vperl?

jhbeak | 19. februar 2016

Have delivery date for our Red Sig X, next Friday the 26th from the Austin SC! Bring her home to San Antonio.

Big T | 19. februar 2016

Wow! San Antonio is the seventh most populated city in the United States and the second most populated city in the state of Texas. I can't believe you don't have a service center there yet but I see on the map that one is coming.

carlk | 19. februar 2016

@Big T

The population number is a little misleading. San Antonio does not have a lot of surrounding towns like most big cites do. It's metro area population is way smaller than that of Houston or Dalla/Fort Worth. I did live there for a year long time ago. A very nice "little" town it was.

ernie | 19. februar 2016

Love the city...Ft Sam Houston 1964-65 for medic training. Many times since...improvements without damaging history. Remember, Texas is mostly about oil...although they now have a lot of wind power generation. They will be slow adopters, but as the projected map for 2016 shows, the state will be coming alive with SC stations.

Big T | 19. februar 2016

Ah, looking at the per capita income, seems San Antonio trails other metro areas.