Having to touch the wheel every 15 seconds since 7.1

Having to touch the wheel every 15 seconds since 7.1

I am extremely dissapointed. My highway autopilot experience is SEVERELY diminished. I also feel I'm driving less safe now that I have to hold the wheel the whole time! Why? My brain thinks I'm driving and have control, while I constantly have to remind it that I'm not. I also feel LESS connfident in the autopilot system and am constantly on edge. Previously, I could just sit back, relax, and have a great overview of the road (adding to safety).

Sorry Tesla, you didn't get this one right. I actually stopped using the autopilot, and my most loved feature and amazing driving experience every day is gone. I want my autopilot or money back. And you can rest assured people will start doing things like pressing their leg against the wheel or attaching a weight, which makes everything much more dangerous. You have to realize that giving people responsibility actually makes them behave more responsible (at least most of them). We should not be punished for a couple of guys abusing the system. I'm a responsible user and am totally ok to own that responsibility and not blame Tesla if something goes wrong. The limitations of the system are very clear to me, and this requirement does NOT make things safer. I also feel it was dishonest not to mention this in the upgrade, as I would have never upgraded. I want a statement from Tesla on this, or I'm considering returning my car.

compchat | 15. januar 2016

Why don't you try calling tesla service before threatening to return your car.

Obviously your car is misbehaving. Every 15 seconds....really ?

Call customer service.

J-Dan | 15. januar 2016


Please keep us updated on your issue since some of us could decide to not go on 7.1 based on that.


prp | 15. januar 2016

Every 15 seconds isnt right. You have a glitch.

dvanlier | 15. januar 2016

It's strange, some people say 15 second nag, some people say every 3 miles or so (that's what mine seems to be), other people say they can drive 50 miles without it. It doesn't seem possible but who knows.. I wish Tesla was a little more frank about this particular issue.

BigBlueLou | 15. januar 2016

Just used AP on a ~10 mile stretch of interstate driving, with curves, lanes changes, etc. No nags for me. Actually haven't seen a nag since I loaded 7.1. Would get nagged every 30-60 secs before.

tcorrin | 15. januar 2016

I was nagged only once prior to 7.1.. Haven't been nagged a single time since upgrading to 7.1 and I've used autopilot daily

bonu | 15. januar 2016

I agree with ojanssens. I like to drive with my arms resting on my legs, hand at 20 past 8 position on the wheel. I can do that also with the autopilot (7.0 and 7.1) holding the wheel very lightly.
But for lane changes I have to put my hands to uncomfortable 15 past 9 position and squeeze the wheel much harder, than I normally hold it when driving. This is annoying and I am expecting more subtle settings in future updates.
Also with 7.1 I do not like the way it slows down in curves. It only starts, once I am in it, and slows down more towards the end, when I would accelerate to normal again - not the way I am used to driving. It just does not anticipate enough. Light curves are ok - no slowdown :).

steve34g | 15. januar 2016

My post 7.1 experience is no different than the 7.0 experience as it relates to "hold the wheel" messages. I don't know all the situations that trigger it, but it DOES NOT happen on a regular basis and I can still go long times / distances without seeing it.

When it pops up you need only to apply a very small turning pressure to the wheel...this is a non-issue.

If you are getting the nag every 15 seconds, I'd suggest calling service.

teslagiddy | 15. januar 2016

Something is wrong with your car (or where you are trying to use AP). I'm having no problems with latest update.

ojanssens | 15. januar 2016

My driver screen does crash or freeze a lot. Maybe I should call support. It crashed on 7.0 to, but didnt have a nag every 15 seconds. Glad to hear this isnt "standard behaviour". | 15. januar 2016

@ojanssens: I've gotten nagged a couple of times but not at all yesterday over many minutes of Autosteer operation on an Interstate. Maybe you could try a reboot.

Crashing is a clue that your car is not behaving as designed and needs to be attended to by you or a service technician.

UnshodBob | 15. januar 2016

Does the European version of AP require "hands-on" in a different way than the US/Canada version? I wonder if the user experience might be very different due to possible differences in law between regions? If people mention their country in their posts, it might help point out regional differences in the car's behavior. Ojanssens seems to be in the UK based on "behaviour" spelling. (My iPad autocorrected it and I had to re-spell it UK style)

ojanssens | 15. januar 2016


UnshodBob | 15. januar 2016

So English speakers in Belgium spell the same as Brits? Seems sensible. Glad it wasn't written in French. (French is the national language in Belgium, right?) I hope Tesla adjusts the reminder to be less annoying, or people could just keep their hands on the steering wheel - oops. Didn't mean to upset anyone... :)

ojanssens | 15. januar 2016

In school we learn the "UK version" of English, and talking American English is frowned upon. We even have to do the UK accent. I know, it's retarded :)

PhillyGal | 15. januar 2016

I used AP for the first time (myself) this morning since 7.1 and no nags here. It was on two short stretches of highway where I also never got nags before the update.

I do cancel and re-engage during my commute due to lane shifts and construction, but I went way more than 15 seconds.

TesMD | 15. januar 2016

I am having same issue. Today, in my long commute that was very enjoyable with AP, i constantly got the message to keep my hands on the wheel, and yes it was literally every few seconds even on straight stretch of flat highway! This was not an issue before so obviously something is different. I am in California so it is not just In Europe. It was really annoying and I will have to talk to service center about it if it continues.

Copythat23 | 16. januar 2016

I am in Utah and have driven from salt lake to Reno multiple times on auto pilot. Tonight was my first trip since 7.1 update and I have been watching a clock and it tells me to hold the wheel every 3 minutes 30 seconds exactly! It has never asked this many times. It almost makes it not worth using auto pilot because ever 3 minutes it beeps and wakes my wife up while she is trying to sleep in the car!

Linus | 16. januar 2016

Austria here. The hands-on-steering-wheel-nag in 7.1 is not different from 7.0. It comes in irregular intervals but not more or less often than in 7.0.

MrLunch | 16. januar 2016

Forgive me if I don't understand the issue... you're supposed to keep your hands on the wheel while using autosteer, according to the release notes, correct? So when you don't do what you're supposed to do, it nags you.

JayInJapan | 16. januar 2016

After viewing a user-made video on Tesla Japan's Facebook page, Tesla staff admonished the user for not keeping his hands on the wheel. Seems it's illegal to drive hands free here. YMMV

dborn | 17. januar 2016

The nag is very irregular here in Australia. Just did a long drive on the expressway. Virtually no nags in 150km, well maybe one or two. On the way back, mostly no nags, but on a really busy stretch of highway where the speed slowed right down, 3 nags in 15 mins. So, overall, quite unpredictable.

ojanssens | 17. januar 2016

I feel that somehow we might all be part of an experiment by Tesla, to see how many people will complain, depending on different time intervals.

Rixtur | 20. juni 2018

I agree with you wholeheartedly! Our nag interval in the U.S. dropped from 30 minutes to about 3 minutes shortly after the time of your original post in January 2016. Now it is June 2018 and Tesla has just increased the hands-on requirement to every 15 seconds and AutoPilot is now no longer existent. It is just a scam and I am worried now about Tesla going out of business.

Today is my first long trip and I am ready to drive my Tesla into a lake!!! I too want my money back and I am embarrassed for falling prey to this bait and switch scam!! Such a betrayal...

Haggy | 21. juni 2018

That sounds excessive. That sounds like a big overreaction. Except it isn't. I doubt I will sell my car over this but I can't say I haven't felt like driving it into a lake or selling it.

lilbean | 21. juni 2018

Considering returning the car? I don’t think Tesla is like Nordstrom.

Boonedocks | 22. juni 2018

+99 lilbean :):)

revrev4ruach | 22. juni 2018

You should have to touch the wheel every 15 seconds. Good.