How much space is there in the Tesla Model X for a really tall (6'9") person?

How much space is there in the Tesla Model X for a really tall (6'9") person?

Greetings All!

I had the opportunity to test drive a Model S in Chicago recently. Absolutely blown away by the experience!

As I am 6'9" (I am evenly proportioned, not all torso or all legs) it was a bit of a squeeze, but doable. (Heck I can drive my MIL's 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer with some in car gymnastics :D ) Biggest issue for me is that while I may be able to fit, whomever will be sitting behind me is squished (lack of space between my seatback and the front of the passenger seat.)

This raises the question: Given the cavernous amount of room in our current daily driver (2007 Honda Odyssey), will Model X have similar massive amounts of interior room? Will I be able to fit in the drivers seat? Will the person behind me be able to sit comfortably?

Looking at this vehicle as a Daily Driver for the family commutes to work and school. We do 30K miles a year, (~80 miles per day) just in town commuting (mostly highway). With a 10 year old at 5ft tall and a 4ft7in 7 year old, I need a vehicle we can 'grow' into.

Thanks in advance!

cloroxbb | 19. juli 2013

Well, the middle seats go forward and backward, so I don't think there will be a huge problem. Since you probably wont need to use the 3rd row much, just position the middle row as far back as it will go, and voila plenty of room for the unlucky child who sits behind the driver :)

fusionrx | 19. juli 2013

Third row is used more than you think. One child per row, as far away from each other as possible. Stops the "he poked/hit/looked/breathed at me" arguments. Works wonders in our current minivan :D.

With 2 dogs and inlaws we use 5+ seats often.

cloroxbb | 19. juli 2013

Hahahaha, touché :)

Sevenfeet | 07. august 2013

No car is a great fit when you are of exceptional size. In fact, most cars in my case are not driveable at all. But my test drive with the Model S a couple of weeks ago proved that I could live with the car, even with my 40" inseam legs. My only real complaint is that the 17" screen intrudes on my space somewhat.

I would think the Model X would have a similar layout.

ian | 07. august 2013

Similar layout but should allow for much more headroom. I don't know about leg room but it looks like there should be more there too as the screen is higher to bring it into better viewing for the more upright driving position.

It must suck to be an outlier on the bell curve of human height. I feel for you folks for sure.


fusionrx | 16. august 2013

Thanks Sevenfeet... I am only a few inches from you, but you've got it all in the legs it sounds like (36" inseam here). If the generational trend continues (grandfather 6', dad, 6'6", me 6'9")my son (or daughter) may hit that 7ft mark :D

Like I said I was impressed by the room in the vehicle. I just feel for the passengers behind me (and you).

Goneskiian, part of the reason we built our home... I set all counter 4" higher, and the shower heads are at 7'2" (so I don't need to limbo to rinse my hair)...

ian | 18. august 2013

I love tall counters! Unfortunately my wife is only 5'2" though so she's not a big fan. ;-)

davisu | 20. august 2013

I'm a paultry 6'4 and a half but I too had an issue with the screen butting into my upper leg. Otherwise though,the model S was a comfortable fit. I haven't had an opportunity to try out the X yet so I can't speak for it.

My two cents.


Sevenfeet | 21. august 2013

I'm really 6'11" but I thought Sevenfeet was a cooler Internet handle. My legs are the length of a 7 footer though.

Brian H | 22. august 2013

Surgery. Have about 1' removed from your legs. >;p

RanjitC | 22. august 2013

No Brian H he just needs 1/2" removed.

Brian H | 22. august 2013

Addressed to Sevenfeet.