HPWC shipping yet?

HPWC shipping yet?

Has anybody received their high power wall charger yet? The Tesla Model-S "FACTS" tab (I think this is new today) says:

We recommend outfitting your garage with a 240 volt outlet or a High Power Wall Connector before your Model S arrives.

I would love to receive mine (currently on my signed MVPA) so it can be installed before my Personal Delivery! Any news?

John56 | 11. august 2012

I was told by my rep that they haven't passed UL certification yet and so aren't shipping yet. He hoped they would be shipping "soon" though. I just decided to skip it and the twin charger, at least for now. Don't think I'll need them.

TikiMan | 11. august 2012

I just installed a 50 amp, 240 volt, NEMA plug in my garage. I figured I would rather wait and see how it goes with the 31 mile per hour home charging setup (which only cost me $250.00), verses paying the extra $$$$ for the HPWC.

pilotSteve | 11. august 2012

TikiMan - yes I understand the pro/con of the HPWC. To each their own. What I intend with this thread is track info such as what @John56 gave about the status of HPWC shipments held up from lack of UL approval.

My state (WA) had a 30% tax credit which ended in 2011 on up to $1,000 of installation costs that I wanted to use, so I had the 100A breaker and wiring installed last year. I have a blank panel covering an electrical box and the heavy gauge wires rather than a NMEA plug. [sure I could have done that but kept hoping I would get my HPWC before the car arrives.

Still hoping!

Brian H | 12. august 2012

"... verses ... the HPWC."
Jeez, it's nice, but not poetic! Versus a bare plug, maybe ...


TikiMan | 12. august 2012


Yes, I understood your original post, and should have put my responce in a difference thread, however, I figured it was the most current post on what others where doing with regard to hooking up power for the arrival of their new Tesla.

On a slightly different note...
One of the other options my power company offers, is a special rate plan, if I hook up a dedicated line, panel and meter just for my car. I contacted a representative at my power company to get the low-down on what they would do, versus what I would have to hire an electrician to do, and as typical with my current provider, they didn't have any really solid answers. Regardless, I have come to the conclusion that I would need to hire an electrician to tap a new line from the street, install a new panel, and hook up the wireing to the plug or HPWC (which would also mean I would need to pull building permits, and have it all inspected by my local building inspector).

Needless to say, there are any options to choose when it comes to powering the Model S, and most come with some fairly hefty price tags. On the flip side, I am buying the 85 kWh Sig so I will have a nice reserve, and not have to always worry about needing a quick re-charge. Thus, I feel with a good six hours every night to re-charge my S, I should be fine with the 31 mile per charge system to start with.

Brian H | 12. august 2012

Yes, that's an interesting point: the nightly charge capacity you need is determined by maximum daily use, not the maximum battery capacity. The beer barrel doesn't have to be topped off every night! ;)

Jason S | 12. august 2012

Sometimes I consider making a post with nothing but misspellings just to give Brian H fits coming up with jokes. ;-) That verses vs versus was pretty funny.

Re: HPWC -- I asked about mine a couple weeks ago and they are trying to get those just-in-time shipped as well. A month or two before car delivery is when the HPWC is targeted for shipment.

In my case I'm still waiting on the UL certification for mine, which hopefully will arrive in about a month so I can make my garage ready for the car.

Brian H | 12. august 2012

doncha love it when a plan comes together? (But hate it when it doesn't!)

The problem with JIT is the inflexibility. One element slipping can cause a snarl-up of epic proportions!

TikiMan | 12. august 2012


Yes, and I think the best way to determine the correct home charging system, should be based on a few factors...

1) How many miles will you drive your S per day (average)?
2) What battery pack do you plan on getting?
3) How many off-peak hours will you have to charge your S?
4) Will you have access to a charging station at your typical destination (work, etc)?

Obviously, for some folk who might have irregular driving schedules, unknown destinations, and use issues, it would be best to have the HVWC, so they can re-charge anytime with the least amount of time needed. However, I think the majority of us know our typical use needs, and can quickly determine what type of battery pack and home charging setup we will need to optomise the use of our S.

Otherwise, if money up front is not a factor... by all means get the 85 kWh battery, a good home solar system, and a HVWC, and you will be SET for any type of driving at the cheapest utility rates available :-)

Brian H | 12. august 2012

"For want of a shoe the horse was lost;
For want of a horse the battle was lost;
For the failure of battle the kingdom was lost—
All for the want of a horse-shoe nail."

Brian H | 12. august 2012

You forgot:
How much beer can you drink in one day, anyway?

Yeah, the 85kwh battery is one source of flexibility, and the more kinds you have, the better.

Brings to mind the surprise of the Japanese emergency services after Fukushima that the most used and useful emergency and supply vehicles were Leafs and even little MiEVs. Power was much more readily available than gas, as all the pipelines were ruptured by the quake!

TikiMan | 12. august 2012


Yes, that is very true! Also, there are some people who don't remember the oil embargo of the 1970's.... long gas lines, and stations that ran out of gas. Even with a larger supply of oil now comming to us from Canada today, as we can all see with the tiny refinery fire in Northren California last week, how quickly prices changes occure.

Sure power outages can occure, however, FAR more concern is placed on making sure our power grid is secure, over gasoline production. In FACT, gasoline is BY-FAR one of the MOST vulnerable commodities on Earth!

Owning an EV is what I like to call... Travel security! :-)

Butch | 12. august 2012

First some facts:

1. Wire sizes: You need #8 or greater copper for a 50 Amp circuit and #3 or greater for a 100 Amp circuit. and

2. That it almost 4 times as much copper in a #3 wire as in a #8, and very close to exactly 4 times as much copper in a #2 as in a #8 wire.

3. You can always use aluminum wire by going 1 or 2 wire gauges larger wire (smaller AWG number).

There are two solutions if you want to future proof and get something now:

1. Put in the wire for a 100 Amp circuit, but put a NEMA 14-50 receptacle on the user end for the mobile charger, and put in a 50 Amp breaker. When you get the HPWC, put the HPWC where the 14-50 is and change the breaker to 100 Amps.

2. Put in a 14-50 with 50 Amp wire and a 50 Amp breaker. Nearby prewire for the HPWC with 100 Amp wire and a 100 Amp breaker. Because a lot of the cost is getting the electrician to your house, and the 50 Amp wire has 1/4 the metal in it, this should only be slightly more expensive than solution 1. In addition, you will have two charging points when another Tesla owner stops by, you get your second Tesla, or you buy an RV that has a 50 Amp plug.

My choice is #2 above at my second home. At my primary home, I put in a 14-50 one bay over from the Roadster HPC when I did that install 3 years ago. The 14-50 is also great for checking proper operation of the mobile charger before road trips.

Good Luck!

gimp_dad | 12. august 2012

I've been contacted about the HPWC and am told they will deliver mine in the later part of Aug if all goes as planned with UL.

I have a 6-50 connector installed as my interim solution. It works fine, but I have one additional comment about wire gauges. The electrician attempted to prewire the whole installation with #2 wire and it was too thick to hook up cleanly with the 6-50 contacts. They had to back off the last part of the run to #8 and will switch out the short run to #2 when they make the changes to hook up the HPWC. This last run in inside my garage so it won't be that hard to make the switch. The larger run that goes from my main circuit box to the garage is all #2 wire.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to having the higher capacity and the cleaner solution built into the wall.

pilotSteve | 12. august 2012

@gimp_dad - thanks for the update. I had not thought about attaching #2 wire to a 6-50 connector! My #2 wires run right to my box in the wall. I anticipate my Sig to arrive in October so perhaps the HPWC will arrive a week or so before my delivery and I can have the electrician install it ready for recharging after my wife and i take our first test drive to the beach for dinner and back.... about 120 miles round trip!

I am 3146 | 06. februar 2013

Anyone receive the HPWC yet or know how much longer until the backlog is filled? I am getting tired of coiling and uncoiling the cord on the portable cable.

bradslee | 06. februar 2013

@I am 3146, I read in this forum somewhere that Model S owners who received their cars in Oct. 2012 have received the HPWC. However, I have not got the HPWC yet (I took the Model S delivery in Dec. 2012). I share your frustration on this thing. Hopefully, we will get the HPWC soon.

Superliner | 06. februar 2013

According to the latest blog post the HPWC is in production and delivering NOW!

Chris DC | 06. februar 2013

I have received the HPWC and it was installed last week by Solar City. Got my car in December. The cable/plug is due in February.

Works great and charges at 80A as expected. I find it also nice being able to just leave the mobile unit in the trunk (I use it occasionally at our local ski resort or at work with a 110 outlet).

At least my unit has a somewhat concerning issue though. The front cover is secured by screws at the bottom only. The top portion is held in place by small plastic anchors. Those anchors don't do the trick and allow me by just pulling A LITTLE on the cover to get it to open. Not all the way but enough to reach inside the circuitry if someone wanted to... No response from TM yet

bradslee | 06. februar 2013

@Chris DC, glad to learn that you did receive and installed the HPWC. That means that TM is indeed shipping out the HPWC to the MS owners. Wonder if the problem you described has been corrected by TM?

axel.brunger | 06. februar 2013

On a related note, it appears that PG&E in the Bay Area requires the installation of the HPWC in order to qualify for the reduced off-peak rate plan (E9-B). I received this information both from the Tesla-recommended SolarCity electrician as well as another electrician in San Francisco. The issue is that PG&E would not allow the off-peak rate plan with a NEMA 6-50 outlet, but rather requires a hardwired cable that plugs into the EV. Hence the requirement for the HPWC. I suppose PG&E's rationale is that a regular NEMA 6-50 outlet could be used for other appliances, so people could run their washers or saunas with the off-rate plan that is meant only for EVs.

I discussed the matter with Tesla who were not aware of this PG&E requirement. They said that the HPWC should be available soon around the estimated delivery of my Model S ( ~ March?).

Mark Z | 06. februar 2013

I called today about the shipping date for the HPWC and Tesla mentioned that mine should be shipped by the end of February. Since I took delivery Nov 8, that is later than expected. These are to be shipped in delivery order. My guess is that a Solar City install may speed the process. I already have a second 200 amp meter panel, so I did not need Solar City to be involved with my install.

GLarwill | 06. februar 2013

I talked with a Product Specialist at TM about the HPWC on Tuesday. I wanted to see if I could get mine shipped to me before the car arrived so I could get it installed properly, early. He indicated that they are shipping them, and expect to catch up to all car deliveries by the end of the quarter. He also noted they would be shipping them to lower reservation number customers first, working through until everyone that purchased one has received it.

Sounds fair to me. Just means I will have to instal NEMA 6-50 until mid to end of March time frame.


GLarwill | 06. februar 2013

ACK! Not CAR deliveries, HPWC deliveries! Typo...

drp | 06. februar 2013

I spoke to a production specialist yesterday who indicated that they are stepping up production on the HBW C and "we plan to be caught up by the end of the month", verbatim. The addendum to that was they are sending them to people who already have their cars first.

bradslee | 06. februar 2013

I did receive a phone call from Tesla today informing me that I can expect to receive my HPWC "probably sometime in late March". I took my 85 MS delivered in late Dec. 2012. Unless the production of HPWC can meet all the demand by March, it is not likely that TM can make the HPWC available to new customers at the same time to deliver the Model S to them in March.

JThompson | 07. februar 2013

Thanks for this thread, guys. I took delivery 30 December...just got my J1772 adapter in the mail this week. Looking for the HPWC (along with my 21 " wheels/tires and parcel shelf!), and this thread helps alot!!

Tesla229 | 07. februar 2013

Solar City just now completed the installation of my HPWC - the FIRST in Orange County, according to the installers. It's VERY COOL! Charging right now at 240V/80Amps/45mph.

bradslee | 08. februar 2013

@Tesla229, congratulations! Hopefully we will follow you soon to enjoy the much anticipated HPWC!

Robert22 | 10. februar 2013


When did you receive your car?

R3dStang66 | 11. februar 2013

I'm still waiting for mine. Got my car on dec 23rd.
When did you get yours...i'm trying to see how far back the line i am. =)

KendallPB | 11. februar 2013

I guess it'll be a while for me, then; I got my care 2 days ago. ;-) Well, the 6-50 is doing well for me.

Very silly, though--Solar City e-mailed me "now that my EV charger is installed, Pepco will want to do an inspection." I wrote back that since it was not installed--just a simple 6-50 plug--they must have their wires crossed and should hold off on trying to schedule an inspection. I think Solar City's left and right hands don't know what they're doing. ;-)

Brian H | 12. februar 2013

Heh; for a second I read that as "left and right heads". An interesting image!

Nexxus | 12. februar 2013

Left and right heads? That's soooo... Janus faced.

suegie | 12. februar 2013

I got my S the weekend of Thanksgiving,and I still don't have the HPWC, nor the rear facing child seats...grrr.

doutt | 12. februar 2013

I received and installed mine. Works great but the cable is VERY thick and stiff. I'm only running a 40AMP circuit as it would have ended up a much bigger issue to do a panel upgrade (which I didn't realize I needed when I ordered it).

kent | 12. februar 2013

Just received my High Power Wall Connector - 2/12/13 - Cable organizer did not ship with it. Signature #121 - Delivered on 11/2/12. Still loving the car and soon to be with fast charging.

doutt | 12. februar 2013

I can share some install photo's if you want to PM me with your email address.


R3dStang66 | 12. februar 2013

Just wondering if anyone is going to keep there nema 14-50 plug when you have your hpwc installed. Just incase you have issues with hpwc, you can still charge on the 14-50 as backup?

bp | 12. februar 2013

I had my garage wired so I can have both the 14-50 outlet and the HPWC, just in case there is a problem with the HPWC.

Still waiting for my HPWC though...

KendallPB | 13. februar 2013

I don't have a 14-50. I got a 6-50 temporary install and the HPWC will replace it. I doubt I have the capacity for another 50 amp breaker/outlet, since they weren't sure I'd have the capacity for the 100 amps for a full-strength HPWC at first. (Fortunately we don't have a hot tub any more, so there was extra capacity and a couple of breakers available.)

JoeBadge | 05. mars 2013

For folks waiting for their HPWC, why do we have to pay another $30 bucks for shipment? I know it's not even a rounding error wrt the price of the car, but it's not our fault that they product is on backorder... has everyone had to pay this since they are not shipping with the car?

dtesla | 05. mars 2013

I didn't think about it until now. I didn't have to pay shipping for any of the other missing items from my order. My car was delivered minus 3 items + HPWC. To date I have received 2 of the 4 missing items.

JoeBadge | 05. mars 2013

dtesla - have you received the HPWC? If it wasn't on your MVPA as a shipping cost, perhaps you will not have to pay. still doesn't make sense.

Alex K | 05. mars 2013

For those of you that have received your HPWC, did you get an email notifying you that the HPWC was shipped or did it just arrive at your front door?

Kauai | 05. mars 2013

Just arrived at the front door

Captain_Zap | 05. mars 2013

I have a later Signature and I got my HPWC around March 1st.

Solar City did the install of my temporary plug. I called them yesterday (March 4) and let them know that the HPWC arrived. First thing this morning the installer phoned and made an appointment to install the HPWC next Monday (March 11th).

There was a note in the HPWC box saying that the cable organizer is not available yet and it will follow in another shipment.

The HPWC looks really sharp and high quality.
It is like a piece of joulery. ;-)

Captain_Zap | 05. mars 2013

The shipping cost was covered on my original MVPA, BTW.

rpedtke | 05. mars 2013

I received my P-85 on December 25th and still no HPWC. Driving me crazy as I cannot get a firm ship date. Has anyone firgured out how to get precise shipping information and has anyone with a car delivered after mid-December received their HPWC?

Captain_Zap | 05. mars 2013

Mine just showed up on the front porch last week. My car arrived at the end of November when the ramp-up was just starting to get rolling. I suspect the flood gates will open with the HPWC and you will be seeing one soon.

I would expect the real backlog will be the install appointments until they get caught up.