Inside Tesla 02.05.13 - Blog Entry

Inside Tesla 02.05.13 - Blog Entry

I don't look here that much, but a new blog was posted late tonight:

A NEW YEAR BEGINS - We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2013
CUSTOMER CONNECTION - Last month we called over 500 customers
TAKING ACTION - Taking action on the delivery process, and the new apps
THE YEAR AHEAD - We will continue to open more stores and galleries
WRAP UP - 2012 was a year of accomplishments and opportunity


Mark Z | 06. februar 2013

What a surprise to see the delivery photo with Drew. At over 3,500 miles the Model S continues to perform and look great. For those who did not view the delivery video, here is the link. Enjoy!

mik | 06. februar 2013

@ Mark Z: wonderful video! Thx :)

prash.saka | 06. februar 2013

Nice video Mark. By the way, did you get the Tesla jacket for free with the Model S ;)

Mark Z | 06. februar 2013

prash.saka: No free jacket. I purchased it at the Fashion Island Tesla Store. It was cool that day so it was great to have it handy.

drp | 10. februar 2013


What a great video. She did a fantastic job!

portia | 10. februar 2013

hey Mark, I have a segway too, I guess that was my first EV! great video.

drp | 24. april 2014

Bump for you to enjoy!

church70 | 24. april 2014

Thanks for the Bump was cool I think we all feel that way