Interesting article from the Motely Fool in reference to NYT test drive

Interesting article from the Motely Fool in reference to NYT test drive

LarsT | 13. februar 2013

What's the big deal about all this NYC article? All it would take to eliminate all problems and range anciety would be just ONE more Supercharger between the existing two. Should be done in no time compared to setting up a new gas filling station. That's the real truth behind all this fuzz.

Superliner | 13. februar 2013

Writers like Drama, It sells!! If there were 10 superchargers between the existing ones They would find some other fault.

Ever notice how all these news rag reviewers manufacture a way to have range issues? Well we did not charge to max, or we did not plug in overnight, We could not wait long enough to add the range needed? We thought we could make it, the list goes on and on.

steve | 13. februar 2013

Yes, I was going to write a post of my own on my blog ( about the incident, but I'm waiting to hear more from Elon. He tweeted that there's going to be a post on the blog soon.

I do agree that as the superchargers roll out more and more this will become less of a problem. Plus John Broder at the NY Times seems to have a persistently negative view of electric cars:

ThomasN | 13. februar 2013

What is a CEO to do? Not call out a reporter when they have the logs, and the market has a knee jerk reaction? The real secondary news story should be how the "article" was released just before everyone thought Q4 results were to be released.

Brian H | 13. februar 2013

The blog went up, then vanished. Motley Fool suggests the detour was actually the car tow. Maybe a rewite is happening?

shs | 13. februar 2013

But the reporter said in his update that since Tesla advised him to use regenerative braking to maximize range, he decided that some stop n go traffic would be a good thing if range was getting low , and hence went through Manhattan. Not sure how all these accounts hang together. The logs will tell.

dsmith2189 | 13. februar 2013

at his first SC stop he charged for 49 minutes. his charge was complete at 242 miles? Why didn't he carge in range mode if he knew he was going to drive a long distance. (200 miles to milford, CT) once in Milford he only charged to 185 Miles, drove 79+ miles and then left the car overnight unplugged. 25 mile left and he decided to "condition the battery" he ran the heater for 30 minutes using up 6 more miles he could have used up by driving as well as warming the batteries. when he did have an opportunity to charge, he did so for only one hour.
I always drove my ICE till it was running on fumes and then put $1 of gas in it hoping to get to the next gas staion where I would put another $1 in the tank. sounds like a plan to fail.

Robert22 | 14. februar 2013

Is starting to sound like it's going to be harder to prove reporter malfeasance. Best to re-check the facts unemotionally or someone's going to be eating crow very soon.