Interior design for the Model S

Interior design for the Model S

I would love to have tray tables like the Jaguar XJL in the model S and even some arm rests in the back seats. Oh one more the maybe some video monitors for the kids, for the long drives.

Model S owner in December


2050project | 26. oktober 2013

Best thing to do is make suggestions to:

They field and rank recommendations for like this for owners. Great site.

In the aftermarket space, some of these might possibly be coming:

But, it always helps to recommend ideas directly so we can get them sooner:

Also, you can check if there are more generic third-party solutions that might work here:

GeirT | 26. oktober 2013

The only changes I wound really like to ask for as I like very much the general clean design, is arm rests in the back seats. This luxury car gives perfect "customer experience" in the front seats but with the target market being upscale the arm rests in the back seats is a real must.