Interior door handles have real wood decor.

Interior door handles have real wood decor.

The two real wood options available for interior decor appear part of the interior door handles. Will they cause a durability problem? Has anyone had experience with real wood decor?

Mark Z | 09. september 2015

I will find out over time. I did order the Figured Ash Wood Décor.

The leather took the most wear for the driver's door of Model S and mine looks okay, although it does need a bit of cleaning after almost 3 years. The new trim for Model X will help keep the leather or synthetic materials looking their best. Some of the trims may show fingerprints more, so keep a microfiber cloth handy.

What helps with any of the choices is the warranty. Tesla Motors has been great about replacing things that are damaged due to defect in the material. The structural cracks in the windshield occurred mostly to Signatures, but they were replaced by Tesla with no hassle.

primetime98 | 09. september 2015

Have you heard any comments about the synthetic? I was considering getting it for the stainproofing, but I've also heard the stains show up real easily on it so not sure which is better option. So much confusion!

Mark Z | 09. september 2015

The only comment about the synthetic I got from Tesla is that the Ultra White Seats are exclusive to the Model X Signature configuration and if you want to know how they feel, examine the leatherette that is used on outside the fabric area on the fabric seats for Model S.

I continue to enjoy white leather in the Model S Signature. I would have ordered white leather again, but did not want synthetic, ultra white, and black seat belts. It's just a personal choice and I would suggest the white to anyone who may want the coolest feel on a sunny day.

I did write more on the subject at TMC. A few posts got updated or corrected later, so read through for the UPDATE comments. The second view of the white seats has additional information, it is not a duplicate. I can no longer access Design Studio, so others would have to post new screen saves.