Interior Roof Noise

Interior Roof Noise

I've had my Tesla since early November and my latest issue is a squeaking noise coming from the roof while I drive. Anyone else have this issue.

Also my other big issue is with the TPMS warning going off and on. I've been to the menlo park service center and they have another part on order.

The noise is the biggest annoyance since I can hear it over the radio.

Big Tex | 27. januar 2013

Pano roof or solid?

Brian H | 27. januar 2013

Sounds like the car is loose-jointed, and will have to be scrapped.

HaroldS | 27. januar 2013

Our Signature has done that since the first day we received it. In our case it's the plastic cover on the center roof bar (pano roof) that is rubbing against some fitting. Chicago worked on it and stopped it for about a week, then it reappeared.

I'm considering removing the plastic cover to see if the actual support bar is significantly smaller and could be wrapped so it takes up less space. Don't want the "sunshade" in any case, and I suspect provision for that possible future feature is why the roof bar cover is so big and wide.