LA to Indio, Take 2

LA to Indio, Take 2

Tomorrow I'm going to make the trip from Long Beach/Seal Beach area to Joshua Tree. It's the same distance as the LA/Indio route that I failed at last week. I will leave early enough to set the cruise control at 65 and try and slow down for the return. There is a very nice man in Palm Desert who is listed on recargo who has a Tesla Roadster and a 50 amp plug that he allows people to charge from. I'm planning ahead but on the return trip I'll set the cruise at 60 and hope I can get to the Hawthorne Supercharger. Again, I will report in real time. Hopefully, I'm a bit smarter than last week.

SamO | 20. mars 2013

Don't forget that almost EVERY campground has high-speed charging.

info | 22. mars 2013

Well, again, I have failed. Again, I did it to myself. Last week I wanted to do a R/T from LA to Indio. Yesterday, I had to go to Joshua Tree. Both trips are 270 miles, round trip. I looked at the recargo and found there is a guy named Frank in Palm Desert who has a roadster and he lets folks charge at his house. He had not seen the S and when I called ahead, as per the instructions, he was anxious to take a look.

After concluding what I had to do in Joshua Tree, I called and realized that I was going to go 30 miles, at least, out of the way to charge at his place and get 40 miles after an hour. As much as this was counterproductive, he seemed so excited to see the new car and as he was nice enough to supply free juice, I thought it would be rude to not stop by. I gained about 5 miles from my stay and had to stop at another Blink charger.

In two weeks I've got a 560 mile R/T to King City but it's on the five with superchargers. I have to return to Joshua Tree in June so I think I'll give it another chance.