Middle Class Enviromentalists.

Middle Class Enviromentalists.

I have been riding a e scooter vespa style for 2 years,from motorino,i have 10000 km on it so far threw Canadian winters!
I wish i could afford a Tesla car but at least I am doing my part.
Duston Comox BC

searcher | 06. april 2011

GreenMachine, Check out the VW to be sold in China soon billed as the 'Most economical car in the world" I have been sent info on this car from a friend, not sure if this is legit or not. It's a one cylinder diesel.

Tom A | 16. april 2011

Yep, the best I could do is my 2010 Mariner hybrid. The headroom in the Fusion hybrid wasn't good enough, so I went with the SUV. Averaging 36.2mpg over 8,000 mi, I can't complain. Unlike the Fusion, the battery pack doesn't take up any cargo space, and it's comfortable for me (6'4"). When I have a family, it will be perfect, and it would be the long-range gasser, allowing the ability down the road to purchase an EV in my price range as the daily driver (currently 100 mile range).

charley_alford | 28. april 2011

Good for you! Most people couldn’t care less about the environment. We all should do whatever we can afford to do to make our world a better place and that’s more than enough.

V Venezia | 07. kan 2011

As an American currently living in Italy, it is interesting to see many compact sized vehicles help Europeans conserve gas more so for economic reasons.

Do you find yourself interested in Tesla and/or hybrids solely as enviromentalists?

Brian H | 07. kan 2011

What's with "enviromentalists"? With minds spread around the surroundings? Or a special sub-class of environmentalists?

the bonnie | 08. kan 2011

(in response to V Venezia: Do you find yourself interested in Tesla and/or hybrids solely as enviromentalists?

I've had many different sports cars and bought the Tesla Roadster because, well, it's fun to drive! I didn't buy it to be 'environmentally correct'. I've always recycled, have a large garden, composted - but didn't really think about my impact on the environment. But since taking delivery of my Roadster, I'm becoming a huge fan of electric vehicles, have put down a deposit for the Tesla S, and look forward to the next random conversation about the advantages of electric. (And solar is being installed at my house this week.)

A number of small things have impacted my thinking - driving past cars lined up at the gas station/smog check stations/oil change places, no fluids on my garage floor, sitting in traffic surrounded by rumbling trucks with exhaust spewing, and the joy of driving through beautiful countryside able to hear birds outside. I don't miss that rumbling engine sound at all! I've held countless conversations with people who stop and want to learn more about the car (I now keep a stash of brochures in the trunk, so they can walk away with more information.) My car informs me as to how many barrels of oil I've saved by driving electric. My electric bill doesn't appear to have been impacted. And I still LOVE driving the car! :)

Yes, I have to plan where I'm going to recharge on road trips. (And there are more options every day.) But the majority of my trips are around here & I don't need public chargers. After my solar is installed, I look forward to knowing that I'm driving on sun power.

So in direct answer to your question, no, I didn't buy the car because of the environment. But ownership has increased my sensitivity to my impact upon the environment.

V Venezia | 08. kan 2011

Thanks bonnie1194! I appreciate such a clear response; do you have friends or know other people who also own a Roadster because of similar experiences?

Also considering the Model S is a sedan, what are some of your expectations when compared to the Roadster? (besides the "leg room")

AlfredG | 08. kan 2011

V Venezia
Exactly the same experience. The roadster is simply "a better car to drive". It is not only an unusually powerful sports car on alpine passes in summer, but It is also a very fine commuter in dense, slow urban and suburban traffic - even on icy mornings in stop and go traffic. The effect is hard to describe. It is probably mostly it's seamless, finely tuned, silky smooth traction that transmits this particularly secure and stressless feel.

Drive it and you will notice immediately. I have never driven a car that felt so comfortable so quickly.

Apart from that it is a good looking two seater, an all-out sports car with little storage space and getting in and out requires some mobility. It is what it was developed to be and to sell as, apart from its Tesla internal role as proof of concept and technology platform.

To achieve that was by no means easy and many, including quite hefty potential competitors, still underestimate what it will likely take them to compete.
- Alfred

searcher | 11. kan 2011

bonnie1194, That's sure one of the better endorsements of a Tesla owner I have read. Tesla ought to contract someone to air series of such endorsements on a show and make sure it gets airtime in the UK.

David M. | 18. kan 2011

Thanks for the response. I had the pleasure of test driving a Roadster, and it sold me on the company and the technology. I'm a big guy, so it was a little tight wedging myself into the Roadster, but once in and rolling down the road, I forgot all about how long it took me to get comfy.

Timing on the Model S is perfect. I made my reservation and bought some TSLA stock which I'll sell next year when it's time to take delivery.

I've had many conversations with people about the company and the tech. I ask people to imagine two things:
1. Never going to a gas station again, and
2. Having a "full tank" every time you leave your house with the car.

I also ask people how many times each year they take a trip over 250 miles. Most say: "One or two trips per year". That's easily handled with a 2nd car or a rental. I'm really looking forward to my Model S. I just can't decide between the 300mi S or the Signature Edition.

btw: Yesterday, I saw smoke on the highway. As I approached, I saw a (gas powered) car fully engulfed in flames. Everybody was okay, but I thought how much safer I would feel in a car without 15 gallons of highly flammable liquids.