Minimizing vampire drain

Minimizing vampire drain

I noticed that when my car is charged to 240 miles I lose about 9 miles/day from vampire drain. However when my car is charged to 120 miles I only lose 5 miles/day. Anybody else notice this and are there any other ways to minimize drainage?

mikefa | 07. juli 2013

Tesla is working on a "Sleep Mode" feature to minimize the vampire drain through an upcoming software upgrade.

trydesky | 07. juli 2013

I hope they hurry. I've been hearing "sleep mode" is coming for months. I couldn't take my MS to the airport when I went away for a few weeks for fear of it not having any power.

Bob W | 07. juli 2013

I have not noticed this. My 85 loses 10-11 miles/day to vampire drain very consistently when parked for extended periods, no matter what the state of charge.

Rte66 | 08. juli 2013

I left on a 5 day trip and lost 5 miles per day.
* The car had 139 rated mile to start July 2, 4:50 PM PDT
* The car had 117 mile when I checked July 7, 2:00 PM EDT
* VIN #136xx
* The car was covered to keep the internal temp stable
* I did not connect using the phone app to keep system idle