Model S App?

Model S App?

It's my understanding that Model S owners should be able to do all sorts of cool things remotely via smartphone app, but there is as yet nothing in the android market / app store.

Does anyone know the status?

Epley | 10. september 2012

A corollary would be whether or not people can program 3rd party apps for the Model S given that it's an android platform. Anyone know?

Teoatawki | 10. september 2012


It's #10 on our punch list. You might want to follow that thread to keep up with what's still pending.

Next year on the SDK.

Volker.Berlin | 11. september 2012

And... it is a Linux derivative, but it is not Android, as far as we know. Apart from the fact that it is based on Linux, it is entirely custom-made.

Timo | 11. september 2012

It's a computer, not a phone. I think there are more programs for Linux than there are for any phone platform, so programming would not be too tough job for anyone who knows a bit about programming.

seegem | 15. september 2012

Just went into the NYC dealer to make my Model S reservation. The lady there told me that they're planning an 'app store' middle of 2013!!! OH MY GOD CANT WAIT!!!

It's really sad how far behind the 'user interfaces' are of all luxury cars (audi, bmw, etc.) so primitive. Much like all the other phones were when iPhone came out in 2008. I personally can never go back!

seegem | 15. september 2012
MandL | 06. oktober 2012

If anyone at Tesla is listening, I will happily beta test the Android app. Long history of beta testing software.

Since I've got only 110v in the garage for the time being I would love to be able to tell the SOC without having to go to the car. Also interested in web-based access since cell phones aren't allowed in the building where I work. Though I can use a virtual Android device from the SDK if the mobile app is the only option.

dahtye | 06. oktober 2012

I'd also be willing to Beta test the iPhone app. As with MandL, I have extensive Alpha and Beta testing experience since I work at at fairly well known consumer electronics company in the Bay Area and am accustomed to using very early software. | 06. oktober 2012

Having no experience in application Alpha or Beta testing, I would also be willing to do this. One way to tell if it is user friendly for the neophyte...

Brian H | 06. oktober 2012

Alpha testing should be pretty much internal, inside the company, by "professional testers" who try to break it.

mrspaghetti | 09. oktober 2012

Bumping this up now that they've included a button to prepare the Model S to interface with the coming app. Hopefully the app comes out soon so it can have all the bugs worked out by the time my car arrives.

A big thanks to all of you who've agreed to beta test for me by getting your cars early :)

DarrellH | 11. oktober 2012

No problem tesla.mrspaghet. We love beta testing amazing cars. Hope it is absolutely perfect when you get yours so you don't have the fun we are having! 8-)

Vexar | 11. oktober 2012


There was speculation that it would be Android, but I recall the conversation went something along the lines of "Java is not a good platform for this." Oh, the irony, for all the programmers out there! Java was meant to "run in coffee makers," but use as an embedded platform remains esoteric. I am glad they did not go with Android. Recall at the time, Google was being sued by Oracle (picking the suit up from Sun) for the Java licensing on Android phones.

Isn't it great that there's a car company that has to care about Silicon Valley staring contests?

mrspaghetti | 11. oktober 2012


I have no doubt there will be an app for both iPhone and android, just like everything else.

kalikgod | 11. oktober 2012


I think Vexar was referring the software running on the 17". Android was the original rumor, but they went with a custom Linux build.

From a stability standpoint it is probably a good decision.

They will definitely have phone apps for iPhone and Android...Redmond/Nokia guys might be left out in the cold.

BYT | 11. oktober 2012

Build for the lions share of the market is the way to go.

cerjor | 11. oktober 2012

Should be someone in Redmond who has a Tesla and knows someone with the necessary programming skills.